Rick Gonzales is the Senior Staff Writer for Walk Big Media which includes TELL ME BEST and GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT. He was one of the first writers to come on board for the relaunch of GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT in October 2019 and has since been a consistent voice for Walk Big.

How It Started

Rick’s trek toward a career in writing took many twists and turns. A career as a forest ranger ended up being a no-go. He joined the US Army as a German linguist when the country was still divided into East and West Germany. One of the major highlights of Rick’s military career while being stationed at the Field Station in Augsburg, Germany, was being present when the wall came down.

Rick’s post-Army career included being a medical transcriptionist for Radiological Associates and an analyst for Health Net and Delta Dental. But his passion had always centered around writing, more specifically, screenwriting. Through many trials and many errors, Rick became a self-taught screenwriter.

The writing portion of Rick’s career took off when he met his eventual Starlite Studios producing partner, Gary Nyland. The first short film they produced was entered into the Sacramento Horror Film Festival and became a nice little feather in their cap. The short, a fun romp titled, Zombies…A Love Story, brought Starlite two coveted awards – Fan Favorite and Producers. Together, and with a little help from their friends, they put together other short films such as Obstinate Orange, Interview with a Suicide, and
Little Thieves, a film that saw Rick’s twin daughters as starring actors.

Rick’s dabbling into a writing career took him first to freelance work and from there, he caught the eye of GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT and TELL ME BEST. Since joining the staff, the self-professed movie buff has written about all things entertainment.

How It’s Going

Rick recently relocated from Northern California to Southern California while his daughters attended college in Los Angeles. He also has a son who resides in Northern California along with most of Rick’s family, so Rick spends much of his time making the drive from Southern California to Northern California and back again. Rick is an avid sports fan and was once a head coach for both youth and high school football teams.

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