How Many Types Of Pickup Trucks Are There? Every Style Illustrated, Explained, And Priced

From compact to crazy electrics, every type of pickup truck is explained here.

By Henry Hards | Published

Pickup trucks are characterized by their open cargo bed. Pickups range from smaller, light-duty trucks to large, heavy-duty models. Their versatility makes them popular for both personal and commercial use.

Compact Pickup Trucks

compact Pickup Truck

Compact pickup trucks, such as the Ford Ranger, provide the utility of a truck bed in a smaller package. They’re maneuverable and fuel-efficient compared to their larger counterparts. However, their smaller size limits their towing and hauling capabilities.

Compact pickup trucks typically start around $25,000.

Full-size Pickup Trucks

Full Pickup Truck

Full-size pickup trucks, like the Ford F-150, offer more passenger space and a larger bed for carrying goods. They are known for their towing and hauling capabilities. Full-size pickup trucks can serve a variety of purposes, from personal to commercial use.

These trucks generally start around $30,000.

Heavy-duty Pickup Trucks

Heavy Pickup Truck

Heavy-duty pickup trucks, such as the Ram 2500, are designed for towing and hauling heavy loads. They are equipped with more robust engines and reinforced frames to handle substantial weights. However, these benefits come with higher fuel consumption and a larger overall size.

Prices for new heavy-duty trucks generally start around $35,000 but can exceed $70,000 for top-tier models.

Dually Pickup Trucks

Dually Pickup Truck

Dually pickup trucks, such as the Ford F-350, are a specialized class of heavy-duty trucks characterized by an extra set of wheels in the rear. This design improves stability and increases the vehicle’s towing and payload capacities. These trucks are often employed for commercial use or for hauling large recreational vehicles. However, they’re larger, less fuel-efficient, and more challenging to maneuver than other types of trucks.

Prices for new dually trucks generally start around $40,000 but can exceed $80,000 for top-tier models.

Electric Pickup Trucks


Electric Pickup Trucks, such as the Rivian R1T, are a newer class of vehicles combining the utility of a truck with the benefits of electric power. These trucks offer impressive torque and off-road capability without any tailpipe emissions. Some models even boast features such as independent motor control for off-road maneuverability.

As this is an emerging category, prices can vary widely but often start above $60,000. With ongoing developments, more affordable models are expected to become available in the future.