About Us

TELL ME BEST LLC is a subsidiary of Walk Big, a media company which owns and operates premium content, branded websites. We’re focused on delivering the very best value to our readers, making sure they never settle for second rate. We are connectors, we are innovators, and we are educators.

Founded in 2017 and then acquired relaunched in 2021 by Walk Big, TELL ME BEST is the gold standard in product information, reviews, and news. The best way to know what’s best, is to simply ask TELL ME BEST.


Savvy people who refuse to settle for anything less than the best they can afford are 75% more likely to get their information from TELL ME BEST than the average consumer.


  • Energy: We craft everything we do with vitality and life.
  • Inquiry: We take nothing for granted and look carefully at all angles.
  • Reality: We think about the ideal, but we operate in the world which exists, not the one we want to exist.
  • Connectivity: We are everywhere you are and available where you want us.
  • Fun: We enjoy what we do and we want you to enjoy what we’re doing too.


Josh Tyler, Publisher

Drew Dietsch, Editor In Chief

Rick Gonzales, Senior Staff Writer