Malory Speir is an editor and writeri with over 10 years of experience working with print and digital content. She is the Copy Editor for Walk Big Media, where she fine-tunes articles on GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT and TELL ME BEST.

How It Started

Malory always enjoyed writing, but it was her love of learning and exploring that led to her career in media. While working on her bachelor’s degree at the University of South Florida, she had to make a decision on what to major in. A lover of exploring, researching, and learning about new topics, Malory decided journalism would be the way to go. She figured this career choice would allow her to write and edit on a variety of subjects throughout her career, always keeping her engaged. 

“When I was a college freshman, I started watching the news a lot and I would see reporters visiting theme parks one week and interviewing scientists the next. I thought that looked like the perfect career choice for someone like me who couldn’t make up their mind between multiple interesting fields,” Malory said. “As a journalist or writer, you can experience a little bit of everything as long as you write about it. And I love a good story.”

Once she was at the end of her university days in 2012, Malory took a summer internship at KQED, a PBS station in San Jose, California. There she helped set up camera equipment, conducted man-on-the-street interviews, and otherwise assisted in the production of feature stories. After about a year of exploring Northern California, Malory moved back to Florida and took a job at a food and health magazine, Gluten Free & More

At Gluten Free & More, Malory honed her skills. She started as a staff writer and soon put her graphic design skills to use, creating ads and laying out cookbooks. After a few years, she became the editor of the magazine. Her main tasks involved planning the magazine content and managing a team of freelance writers, editing the entirety of the magazine, continuing with graphic design work like laying out books and designing print and website graphics, writing articles for the magazine, writing blog posts, and managing the website’s content. She was considered an integral part of the company and spent almost 10 years there.

While Malory worked at Gluten Free & More, she occasionally took on freelance graphic design and copy editing work. 

When she decided to venture into new career opportunities, Malory knew she wanted to work with content that she found equally as fun and interesting as food and health topics. Lifestyle and entertainment were top of her list when looking for a new opportunity, and she found both when she was hired as Copy Editor for Walk Big Media in 2022. 

How It’s Going

An avid TV show watcher and lover of the arts, Malory is excited to be diving into the world of entertainment news. She’s even been jotting down a list of shows and movies to watch based on what piques her interest in the many articles she edits daily about the industry. 

Malory has been enjoying her work at Walk Big Media and is happy to help fine-tune articles and collaborate with editors to bring out the best in the many talented writers at the company. 

When she’s not working, Malory is usually spending time with her partner of 15+ years and catering to their two cats, Rex and Pepper. She loves to watch TV shows and stand-up comedies, read books, cook/bake, exercise, and get outdoors with hikes and bike rides. She takes yoga classes with her friends and is currently enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training program.

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