Charlene Badasie is a Senior Contributor for TELL ME BEST, covering a wide array of entertainment, science, and technology topics.

How It Started

Charlene began her career as a freelance provider of strategic marketing and social media management. She eventually decided to pursue writing as a profession.

Since she was a massive music fan, Charlene started a website focusing on her favorite musicians and bands. In 2017, she landed the gig of a lifetime as a copywriter and brand strategist for the legendary rock band, Bon Jovi.

That incredible opportunity led to bylines in several global publications like Glamour, GQ, HuffPost UK, and Thrive Global, where she wrote about everything from celebrities to fashion.

Part of her job also included securing interviews with musicians, actors, and comedians from Hollywood to Africa and everywhere in between.

Charlene also found time to create educational content for a Fitness Academy and Digital Marketing tertiary institution.

But since her real passion was entertainment, she gravitated to Fortress of Solitude. There, she mastered her craft with several feature stories as well as series and movie reviews. She also got to write about video games and the latest tech gadgets.

How It’s Going

Charlene joined the GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT team in 2021 where she is tasked with writing about the latest movies, series, and pop culture. Those skills resulted in a promotion to Senior Contributor.

Although most of her time is dedicated to the GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT team, Charlene also writes for fellow Walk Big site, TELL ME BEST. She also contributes to other entertainment sites such as Comic Book Resources and Looper.

She still works as an occasional brand strategist for Bon Jovi. And her Bachelor of Commerce Degree gives her a unique insight into the business side of entertainment journalism. Check out her writing portfolio at

Charlene Badasie’s Latest

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