Jennifer Hollohan has dabbled with words for over 20 years but only recently leaped into the professional world of writing. She is currently a staff writer for TELL ME BEST.

How It Started

Jennifer received a Master’s Degree in Anthropology in her early 20s, but the thought of leaving beautiful Colorado to pursue a Doctorate was less than appealing. Thus, a winding professional journey began.

After over a decade in the world of natural foods, she moved to a new city with her kids and transitioned into leadership roles in baby products manufacturing and at a government agency. Thanks to COVID, another shift was inevitable. After leaving the 9 to 5 world, she studied nutrition and herbalism. 

Then, in 2021, Jennifer returned to her original love: writing. Her rapidly expanding library of published works includes all sorts of fascinating topics like coffee, tea, animal facts, and plant wisdom.

That plant knowledge, coupled with a love of gardening, is turning into an upcoming niche site: Learn To Plant Food. Additionally, Jennifer is working on a fiction book. And her son firmly believes it will be a New York Times Best Seller.

Jennifer was thrilled to receive an invitation to join TELL ME BEST as a Contributing Writer in 2022. She rapidly moved into her current staff position, where she works with a team of amazing peers and editors.

How It’s Going

Jennifer spends her time researching and exploring all the happenings going on around us – from corporate news to updates on local shops. Jennifer is passionate about writing and enjoys digging into new, unique topics. When not glued to the computer screen, she loves hanging out with her kids, working in her garden, exploring the great outdoors, and crafting crazy culinary delights.

jennifer hollohan

Jennifer Hollohan’s Latest

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