Apple Is Redesigning The Macbook Pro, First Revamp In 5 Years

By Rick Gonzales | 4 months ago

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The date is set for October 18 and MacBook Pro fans are eager with anticipation. This is the day that Apple will run its media event to unveil the newly designed Mac. It will be the first time in five years that the tech giant has made such drastic changes.

Apple has tagged its MacBook Pro event as “Unleashed” and the quick announcement can be seen on the Apple Hub Twitter page.

This will be the second Apple event in the past month as Apple held one on September 14 to introduce their iPhone 13-line, new iPads, and the new Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro represents the biggest change seen to the Mac since its current design was introduced back in October 2016. The new models will also be the first MacBook Pro to use Apple’s M1X processor, replacing the Intel Corp. chips they had been using previously.

These new chips will give the new MacBook Pro more power to increase both graphics and computing task performance. The new M1X chips will come with 10 cores, eight of which will be designed for more involved tasks and two that will handle the more basic operations.

The new MacBook Pro is also expected to come in 16-core and 32-core configurations for more high-performance graphics. By comparison, the previous M1 processor used four high-performance and four low-power cores while using seven or eight cores for graphics.

Apple also plans for these new chips to become the norm in other future MacBooks. It is known that Apple has been working on a small MacPro, a high-end and revamped Mac mini, a larger iMac, a new but low-end MacBook Pro, and finally a revamped MacBook Air.

The new M1X chip isn’t the only change coming to the newly designed Mac. On October 18, consumers and potential consumers will see the new MacBook Pro design, sure to be an eye-catcher. Displays will be revamped and will be offered in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes. The new MacBook Pro will also come equipped with a MagSafe magnetic charger.

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The good news for the redesign is that Apple plans on returning the HDMI port, something they removed in the last design. Also being changed is the controversial Touch Bar touchscreen strip. The keyboard will no longer have it.

While the above additions have been confirmed, the following rumors have not but there is a strong sense this is what will be included in the new MacBook Pro. One thing Mac users have complained about at length is the terrible camera quality seen in the MacBook. With the world still engulfed in the ongoing COVID pandemic, a good camera is even more essential. Apparently, Apple has finally listened and will be including a higher-quality 1080p webcam. Also included in this upgrade is an SD card slot that many MacBook users have been begging for.

Rumor also says that the new MacBook Pro will feature, as standard, 16GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. This will be standard for both the 14” and 16” models.

Apple’s MacBook Pro was once the company’s flagship product and although it remains a steady seller at around 10% of total sales, Apple is hoping the new design of the MacBook Pro along with its new features will be enough to bring customers back to the Mac.

Apple has not leaked out prices for the new MacBook Pro, so be sure to check out the media event for the unveiling of the MacBook Pro set for October 18, 2021.