The One Product That Is Causing Utter Mayhem At Aldi Stores

By Tiffany Velasquez | Updated

la croix aldi

Aldi is a popular grocery store serving customers in 36 states throughout the US. The company is known for selling lesser-known brands that are often exclusive to the store. In some cases, the store sells more sought-after brands like La Croix. 

Shoppers at Aldi know the drill when shopping at the store. Bring a quarter for your shopping cart, or resort to the key hack when you’re in a pinch. Bring your own bags and be prepared to bag your own groceries from eggs, bread, and your La Croix sparkling soda water. 

Customers can also expect to walk down the aisles at Aldi one by one. The store is particularly designed, like all grocery stores, though Aldi seems unique in design. The flow of the store is set up in such a way that customers can walk in and browse easily through each aisle. 

The flow of Aldi allows customers to essentially make one effortless glide through the store without missing anything. In most grocery stores, displays are made to highlight special items. In some cases, the items may be on sale, or the store may be trying to promote one item in particular. 

In all grocery stores, not just Aldi, stores often place certain items at eye level and other, often cheaper items towards the bottom of shelves. Additionally, the end of the aisles is often used to display items that are pretty much guaranteed to sell or are highly sought after. Aldi, in particular, is known for having huge pallets of items like bread, cakes, La Croix, cereal, and others items on the store floor. 

The huge pallets on display at Aldi are meant for ease and convenience, both for customers and employees. The shoppers can quickly help themselves to items on display, and employees don’t have to worry about items running out very fast. Though this is designed to make things easier, some backlash has sparked, and a slight annoyance is taking over customers. 

The display of La Croix at Aldi is causing the internet to go wild. When it comes down to it, customers are annoyed at how other customers are rummaging through the display and leaving it in disarray. They are taking to internet sites like Reddit to voice their opinions surrounding the matter. 

As many people know, La Croix has a cult-like following. While some enjoy a wide range of the sparkling soda water, others have a taste for a particular flavor. This may be why people seem to be sorting through the pallet of La Croix and leaving it in shambles. 

Instead of treating the pallet of La Croix like a puzzle of sorts, Reddit users and Aldi shoppers are urging others to ask for help. It seems simple enough to ask for help when you can’t easily find something. Customers seem to be taking things into their own hands and are having no trouble finding the flavor they need. 

While Aldi shoppers seem to be managing to find the La Croix flavor themselves, they should consider putting things back the way they were. Growing up, many people were taught to leave things in better shape than before they found them. La Croix fanatics could also heed the advice of Smokey The Bear, and leave no trace.