The Best Location To Put Your Security Cameras

Security cameras should be placed at least 10 feet high, facing entrances like doors and windows.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

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The security camera is a piece of equipment that more and more homes are looking to invest in. With burglaries on the rise, such as porch pirates and other illegal activities, homeowners are looking for ways to keep their property, family, and possessions safe. As these systems can be expensive, some people opt to install them themselves instead of paying a professional. 

So where are the best locations to put your security cameras in? By placing your camera in the correct positions, all the optimum and essential spots in your home are covered, and no big mistakes are made that may come back and haunt you. Many people who are willing to break into your house will take a straight-forward route through a window or through a door. 

So, by installing security cameras inside and outside your doors on the ground level of your home, you will be able to capture a clear image of the criminal, and also, if they do gain access, you can see exactly what they take while inside. 

When placing cameras inside your home, ensure they are placed at a high point. Putting security cameras on the ground will not give the camera the opportunity to get the best angle, and there is a greater chance that it may be broken by accident. 

The optimum height for a security camera is ten feet or as close as you can get to it. Having the camera at this height and placed in the corner of the room will capture the entire area and the intruder’s whole body, which could be helpful to law enforcement if it comes to that. 

While security cameras can be dotted around your home at specific entry points, do not put them in areas like bedrooms. Most of the time, people will forget to turn them off, and they could be capturing personal and private moments. Also, if someone hacked into your system and saw these moments, it could be embarrassing, to say the least. 

Along with bedrooms, do not have security cameras in bathrooms for the same reason. It is illegal to record someone in areas like this without their consent. If you are worried about someone stealing an item like medicine, a motion sensor is a better legal option. 

When placing the camera around the entry points within your home, keep it simple and place security cameras in plain sight of the area you want to monitor. Ensure that there are no household objects like plants and lamps or outdoor objects like trees and children’s toys blocking any view you may need. 

Once you have your cameras installed perfectly, the last thing you need to do is to put up a sign telling people they are being recorded. Burglars may think again if they think they are being recorded as they are less likely to get away with their crime. Security cameras are an excellent investment for any household once installed correctly and can help deter crime as well as capture it.