The Best Silicone Baking Mat

The best silicone baking mat is from Silpat.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Updated

best silicone baking mat

If you are a baker then you’ve probably been thinking about the best silicone baking mat out there. Look, kitchen tools and gadgets are so much fun. Some make our lives a little easier, allowing us to produce more tasty treats in less time. Others help with cleaning or storage. And still, others sound good in theory, so we buy them, then they sit there looking pretty while we dream of using them someday.

But what if there is one kitchen tool available that would check off almost all of the boxes? There is, and it’s something most people likely walk past a thousand times in the store without noticing it. We’re talking about silicone baking mats. 

We’re here to help if you’re new to silicone baking mats. Keep reading to discover the best silicone baking mat on the market, learn if they are really safe, how to use them, and get handy cleaning tips. 


Have you ever wondered if silicone mats are safe to use? If so, you are not alone. In our increasingly health-conscious world, many people wonder if popular kitchen tools are actually food safe. 

Well, breathe easy … with this particular item at least. The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) considers silicone mostly inert, and thus food safe. There may still be lingering questions about that plastic water bottle. But you can bake confidently, knowing that a silicone mat won’t leach dangerous chemicals into food.

That statement does come with a few caveats, however. Always make sure to read the manufacturer’s labels and enclosed information. Some “kitchen” items on store shelves serve a purely decorative purpose and aren’t food safe. Additionally, while silicone mats are generally safe up to 500 degrees, you may have your eye on an outlier. So it pays to double-check.

Silicone baking mats are immensely popular in restaurants, and for a good reason. The ingenious kitchen tool makes baking a breeze and eliminates sticky and hard-to-clean buildup on baking sheets. But they also serve another fantastic purpose. Silicone baking mats are also great for kneading and rolling out dough. 

As a pan liner, they are an affordable alternative to parchment paper. Sure, there is an upfront investment. But as long as the mat is well-cared for, it will last a long time and help reduce or eliminate spending on parchment paper. Another bonus is that there is no need for non-stick pan sprays. However, pan spray is still an option if sticking is still a concern.

And when used for kneading or rolling out dough, silicone baking mats keep that flour mess at bay. It makes cleaning significantly easier. And a mat can also help save flour so you can bake more goodies.

However, these handy mats have even more uses. Feel free to roast veggies on them, though the cleanup may take a little longer. 

Additionally, silicone baking mats work well to harden candies or make chocolate decorations. And they are also freezer-safe. So, there is no end to the possibilities after investing in a silicone baking mat (or two).


We all deal with piles of dishes regularly, so adding another hand-wash-only item into the kitchen may deter you. The good news is that most silicone baking mats are dishwasher-safe! So, feel free to bake your heart out. 

There are a few things to keep in mind, though. Silicone baking mats should get placed on the top rack. If they don’t fit, or there are tons of other baking tools needing to get washed, gently roll them up. Make sure the mat doesn’t get folded, as this can cause creasing, which will shorten its lifespan. 

Additionally, silicone baking mats are prone to developing residue. Sometimes a sticky surface is unavoidable, even if you use the best de-greasing dish detergent on the market. When (not if) that happens, a deep clean will be necessary.


Silicone baking mats do not have to go into the dishwasher. It is perfectly fine to clean them by hand. When doing so, use a detergent with a good degreaser. But do avoid anything containing bleach. The compounds in bleach will break down silicone mats and shorten their life. It is also important to use a non-abrasive sponge or brush. 

Soak the mat in hot, soapy water before scrubbing. This process will help loosen some stuck-on particles and make cleaning easier. However, even handwashing silicone baking mats doesn’t help you avoid residue.

When the mat develops a funky smell or feels extra greasy to the touch, take time to do a deeper clean. It’s a super simple process, just slightly more time-consuming.

  • Preheat the oven to about 450 degrees.
  • Place the mat on a baking tray and slide it into the oven.
  • Bake until the mat stops smoking.
  • Carefully remove with oven mitts or tongs.
  • Wash with warm, soapy water.

If there is still residue left over, there are two additional steps you can take.

  • Reheat the mat for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.
  • Remove, add some water, and apply baking powder, creating a paste.
  • Let sit until dry, then scrub with a non-abrasive sponge, dish soap, and warm water. 

Alternatively, you can skip these steps altogether. A fast, cost-effective, and easy way to clean them uses lemons. Put it in a tub (or clean sink with a stopper), squeeze lemon juice over it, add boiling water, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then, rinse the mat and gently wash it with soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge.


There are a ton of silicone baking mats on the market. But some are significantly better than others. However, to save you valuable time that you could use for baking instead of researching, we hunted down the best silicone baking mat available. 

Silpat Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat – $24.99

best silicone baking mat

The Silpat Premium non-stick silicone baking mat is the gold standard. Sasa Demarle Inc. manufactures the line that is beloved by professionals. These mats are freezer-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe and come in many sizes. It’s oven-safe up to 480 degrees and super easy to clean. 

The downside is that it is pricier than most competitors. But that said, the initial investment will pay for itself quickly. So, consider a minor splurge on this handy mat and take your kitchen adventures to the next level!