Organize Your Freezer With This One Simple Life Hack

The Food Block Maker is a useful gadget that helps you freeze your food while ensuring your freezer stays organized.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

organize your freezer

You’ve had a long day at work and don’t want to cook, so you reach into your freezer to pull something out. Except it’s so packed you can’t find what you want, or things end up tumbling out around you. Would you welcome any news of a better (and easier) way to organize your freezer?

It may sound too good to be true, right? After all, you’ve bought all the gadgets you can find. And have maybe even thought about ordering that nifty thing you saw advertised on TV late one night.

But nothing seems to help. That tasty chili you froze somehow got lost in the back, and since you forgot to label it, you don’t even remember how old it was. Or maybe you can’t even find one of your countless ice packs that your little one needs in their lunchbox.

Don’t worry. There really is a better way. And the kicker is that its genius lies in its simplicity. 

Meet the Youcopia Freezeup Food Block Maker. This handy device helps ensure your leftovers freeze consistently, making them easy to store. Real Simple describes it best: “Simply place a gallon food storage bag in the plastic mold, fill it up with whatever food you want to save, and let it freeze in the standing position.”

The Food Block Maker has two silicone rings that keep the entire thing closed while your food is freezing. To remove your food, first, remove the rings. And that’s it. 

You can organize your freezer easily when you have blocks of food rather than bags of oddly and non-uniform-shaped leftovers that compete for space. But the best news is that it doesn’t require any extra steps. So this isn’t a new habit you have to build.

It just takes advantage of something you were going to do anyway – fill freezer bags with your leftovers. And that leads us to another bonus. No extra clean-up, and who doesn’t like that news?

The frozen food (imagine a giant ice cube of soup) stacks easily. So you can leave it at that if you wish. (Just don’t forget to keep a pen or sharpie handy for labeling). 

If you try this method to organize your freezer and decide you love it, awesome! The company also offers other solutions. Keep up your frozen momentum with FreezeUp racks and bins. 

These deceptively simple organization tools will help you actually see what’s in your freezer. We know…it’s all a bit mind-blowing. But it may actually be possible to organize your freezer after all.

We are well into the New Year now. And perhaps you are on your way to forgetting your New Year’s Resolutions like many of us. So, why not start someplace simple and easy?

Organize your freezer in one or two quick steps, and then forget about it. The beauty of the Youcopia Freezeup Food Block Maker and additional bins (if you want to walk on the “wild” side) is that they are inexpensive and take little to no effort. Consider diving into the world of organizing with this baby step and set yourself up for success.