The Best Grocery Items To Buy At Costco

Chicken, sheet cakes, and extra virgin olive oil are among the best grocery items to buy at Costco.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

People across the U.S love shopping at Costco due to the retailer’s bulk offerings, discounts, and popular Kirkland brand. However, the value of these deals depends largely on a shopper’s finances and the size of their household. For instance, no one wants to buy large quantities of perishables if they’re just going to spoil. Still, some items are totally worth the yearly membership.

After vetting some tried-and-tested Costco favorites, Food Network created a list of the best pantry and freezer staples that folks should definitely get from the big box retailer. First on the list is uncooked chicken which can easily be stored in the freezer to prevent wastage. While the volume might seem large at first, it’s actually worth the price. Rotisserie chicken, which sells for just $5, is also a steal and a very popular choice with shoppers.

Costco’s cakes and sheet cakes are a great deal if you need a sweet treat for a birthday or office party. And depending on the size of the event, shoppers can opt for a full or half sheet cake knowing that both will be decorated with the same delicious frosting. Although larger sheet cakes can’t be ordered online, folks can still get the 10-inch option for more intimate gatherings via the website.

Folks who regularly need organic extra virgin olive oil should definitely get it at Costco. A lot of shoppers praised the quality of the product from the retailer. So stocking up is a great idea. They also have a handy oil dispenser to make portioning a breeze. The store’s nut butter is also a great option since the retailer’s 27-ounce jar is really cheap.

For anyone who plans to bake this holiday season, Costco has the ingredient you need at good prices. People swear by the chain’s Kirkland-brand vanilla extract and the 16-ounce bottle will have you covered for a long time. The big box retailer also offers a great deal on eggs and organic honey. And if you love sparkling mineral water, you will certainly want to grab a case the next time you’re at the store.

Additionally, the retailer has a wide range of snacks for every taste. Whether you need small packs of trail mix in bulk or a large bag of popcorn, Costco will have it and a competitively low price. While most people think nuts are expensive, the good news is that Kirkland has a massive variety of mixed, salted, and unsalted nuts at competitive by-the-pound prices.

Since some spices can stay fresh for years, buying them in bulk is definitely worth it. However, the ground variety can start to lose its flavor after six months. So only buy what you will use in that time frame. Costco also has an amazing range of frozen fruit which is perfect for making smoothies, delicious and affordable bacon as well as coffee to give you a much-needed boost during the busy holiday season.

And for days that leave you exhausted, Costco has a range of paper products that will save you from having to do any dishes. Paper plates, paper towels, and napkins can all be purchased in bulk at a great price.