Infographics – 32 Reasons – Why We Should Wear Watches?

watch infographics


Since the smartphone entry into the market, the sale of watches took a hit. The wide perception that wrist watches will soon go out of fashion or they will become obsolete turned out to be a bubble. Wristwatches not only fought back but have retained their position pretty much firmly.

If you are among those people who do not wear a watch or you are thinking why you should buy a watch then keep on reading. This article will help you know more about the importance, a watch can have in your life.

So do yourself a favor for 2018 and get a wristwatch. Here are the reasons why:


watch infographics

So you wore a grey suit for the big presentation in the office. You would have looked elegant but there is a gap between looking elegant and classy. A wristwatch matching your attire can certainly step up your game and make you look a lot classier.


Going for an interview, all dressed up, got all the documents, great grades, prepared the questions well and you messed up the whole interview by looking at your smartphone to look at the time.

The interviewer would think as if you are checking your WhatsApp, Facebook or even an email for another interview. It would have been a lot better if you had just turned your wrist. In corporate culture, people wear watches.  A watch on the wrist is an indication that you are made for integration there.


It may not come as a surprise that people are categorized by the way they live, talk and dress.

Within the dressing category, there is a sub-category for watches. Inside watch circle, people categorize each other by the kind of watch they wear. So if you have a nice Rolex rolling on your wrist it would make you look quite sophisticated.


Men fashion has taken quite a lot of turns over the decades. But think it for yourself, what do men have in terms of accessories. Unlike women, we only have watches, cufflinks or a chain. Having a watch on your wrist gives the feeling of manliness.


Days are gone when watches were only meant for telling time. Now you can ask your watch to do a lot more while still maintaining the classic vintage look. You can check out some of the tactical watches that I have reviewed.

With watches, you can have sensors like a barometer, altimeter, GPS, compass, shock sensors etc. I am not mentioning smartphones here because they are a totally different domain. Therefore, watches have come a long way in technological evolution.


Watches are a one-time investment.  A watch you buy today will be your partner for a long time. A single fossil leather watch can go well with a lot of formal dresses you wear. Therefore, consider this as an investment that will be your best friend for years to come.


A wristwatch is a statement, it is worn by men from all walks. From Presidents to Top Entrepreneurs all over the world, check their wrist they all have watches. Watches impart a sense of authority, a sense of completeness and an impact that the person under discussion is of class to hold such a position.


Watches are not hard and fast. You can customize them to go well with your dresses. The straps on the watches can be changed to different colors. While the main bezel cannot be changed in most of the cases but the ability to change the band gives the freedom to ride with the flow.


When those who say that watches are obsolete they do not tell the complete story. As soon as you take out your smartphone from your pocket to check time, in 99% of the cases they unlock the screen and get into the apps which were not intended. These apps waste time when it could have been put into something productive.


Believe it or not, without naming, but in some countries especially in Europe and Asia and in the subcontinent, a watch can create a massive difference. If you wear a watch regularly, you will be deemed as professional. A blazer and a wristwatch can give a businessman look.


Time to get out of the teenage phase and get into more mature phase. A colorful watch or a smartwatch may not make you look mature. We are talking about the class that can be imparted by a timepiece on your wrist. A classy vintage style mechanical watch can make you look a mature individual. A watch can help immensely in this transition from a careless man to a man looking for business.


We all have been in a situation where our smartphone cannot make it through some doors, especially the examination hall, courtrooms or even the visa interviews. A wristwatch sneakingly makes through such places without trouble.

Also if you are going to swimming, a diver watch can survive while smartphone will breathe its last.


Accidents happen and one of the leading cause is a cell phone. Cell phones are distractors, people text and take calls while driving. But do you know, looking at the time on a cell phone is also one of the causes of automobile accidents?

Just turn your wrist and you will know the time in less than a second. Much safer, quicker, with least distraction.


Watches represent the cultural heritage of the mankind. If you buy a vintage looking mechanical timepiece, not only its beauty will influence you but the way it works will help you understand how our predecessors lived. What technology they were used to, how hard the life was in past.

It teaches you a sense of respect and connects with men in the past.


You can make your day a lot more productive if you make a timetable of each of the activities you do in a day. After making the timetable you will realize that there are slots in between where you can fit in stuff which you think you never have time for.

The watch will help you to stick with the timetable. It will psychologically force you to stick with the timetable and become more productive for yourself.


Watches come with different sensors. The heart sensor can really help you understand the quality of efforts you are putting into a sport. In addition, sportsmen wear watches on hand as it gives them a sense of grip which has more psychological side support attached to it. Usually, light and rubber band watches are preferred for sports.


Smartphones have a very limited choice when it comes to the casing. This is not the case with watches, you can find them with loads of materials. From metal to wood to synthetic carbon fibers, titanium to resins. Watches come in all sorts of materials.

This gives you a sense of freedom to experiment with new material not only with the strap but also with the casing of the watch.


Another important aspect that you should wear a watch is because it will remind you of who you were. While wearing a watch, you can create memories today that will become associated with your emotional side for future. Down the years, looking at your watch will help you reflect back. You watch will become a sign to remind you of the memories. You can associate it as a witness of the important events in your life.


Getting ready for an important business meeting. Do you know that you can influence the other party with your attire? If you wear a good looking Rolex it will certainly induce in your potential business partner that you are serious about money and build assets. Businessmen do note what is on the wrist of the person they are dealing with. This helps them understand what category of a business man they are about to get into partnership with.


Some watches have the ability to store the time of over 50 cities in the world. In short, they keep track of time throughout the globe. Therefore, it means that if you travel a lot, you can quickly switch over to local time. In addition, the GPS on the watch will also help you keep track of where you are and where you should head next.

GPS can be a life-saving feature, especially if you are a fan of outdoor adventure. The smartphone battery will soon die in such cases while the GPS on your watch if it is an eco drive watch, will stay alive to keep you on right track.


If you plan to buy a watch, then go for a mechanical watch if you can afford it. It takes a month to several workers just to make such watch. They all work collectively to craft little moving parts in analog pieces.

When you put such a masterpiece on your wrist. It will help you appreciate the quality of work they have put into such small machine. By looking at the time on your wrist, you will begin to acknowledge the amount of effort required to compile a masterpiece is required.

This will help you to understand the importance of quality work and hopefully strive to achieve similar in your personal life.


Believe it or not, in the 21st century the lucky charms still exist. Watches have all the good reason to become your lucky charm. If you think that this is not possible then you may want to read about American president Barack Obama who carries various artifacts which he considers as lucky charms for himself.

Luck charm recommenders usually check up the client profile with astrology and numerology. After doing analysis, they recommend various material that can help a client to get good luck. The wide variety of materials used in the watches help in avoiding those odd-looking rings or necklaces. So you will not only get benefits for the features your watch offers but also the get the luck you were missing.


If you are a simple man, who is happy with a  T-shirt and jeans then you are missing the trick. If you step up your dressing it can have a major impact on how are you perceived by the public. Just as you improve your outfit with current trends, a watch will be the icing. You will look more fashionable and better.


You may buy a $500 watch today, the same watch may become $5000 in a matter of few years in the circle of a watch collector. Consider Patek Philipe watches, take them as an investment, they will not only raise up your perceived status but you can sell the same watch at profit in the future. It is a win-win situation for you.


Watches are passed on from grandfather to father and from there to son. The flow of watches in the generations impart the legacy, duties, hopes, and respect.  You might have already inherited a watch or if you have not bought one then become the first in the lineage to pass on the watch to the future generations.


Watches are one of the best things that you can gift someone today. There are sentiments attached to the gifts. People get attached to the gifts given by the loved ones and a watch on the wrist will be a constant reminder of relationships.

Similarly, if you wear a watch someone has gifted you and you wear it around them, it will be an indication of the importance you put in the relationship. Therefore, watches can be a mean of showing sentiments in both directions.


Your watch has the ability to communicate who you are. If you wear a diver watch it is an indication that your profession is related to water. Similarly, dark watches depict that you might be the form military. An expensive mechanical watch can make you look like a strong businessman. Your wrist can become a silent communicator if you cover it up with a related timepiece.


Apart from the tongue, there is another source of communication that is your body language. Looking at your watch while in an unnecessary meeting is an indication that you want to end it up quick. Similarly, the same action can also be deemed as you are eager and want something done as soon as possible. There are loads of situation, where wrist watch can play as a tool for indirect communication.


The last thing you want to do is move out for a lunch or a meeting where the impression is important and you forget to wear a watch. The timepiece on your hand will make you look complete in terms of your attire.


Every timepiece is a piece of art. If you love art and do not have a collection of watches then it is a contradiction. Men who have art affinity possess at least one timepiece. Before it gets into the market, there is loads of research put into a watch concept and an artist makes the design of the watch.

It goes in various phases of sketches, CAD designs and finally in physical shape. The watch you see in your drawer has gone through a number of iterations before it is finalized. There is an artist behind each watch and owning at least one depicts your acknowledgment of the artistic efforts.


The realization that you look complete after wearing a watch will impart confidence in you. You will conduct yourself a lot better. The self-confidence boost you will get, will help you perform better. It has to do a lot with the psychological backing you can do to motivate yourself to conduct your daily routine activities with higher authority.


Men fashion has taken a lot of sharp turns over the last few decades. Sadly speaking men today although have diverse fashion but the class is rarely seen. Revert back, come back to the classy age, where we dressed like real men. A watch is a legacy inherited by each male born. It is our duty to keep it alive.


With all the lame reasons that watches have become obsolete since the advent of smartphones, there are loads of solid reasons above that are convincing enough that we should keep the heritage alive. Like books which were predicted to die after Amazon launched Kindle has not proven to be true. In fact, both watches and physical books have fought to firmly grip their position in the market.

So if you feel convinced then bring out the watch from your drawer on to your wrist or treat yourself by buying one.


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