Duracell vs Energizer: Which Battery Is Best?

By Rick Gonzales | 7 months ago

duracell vs energizer

Batteries are a key component in making households across the country run properly. They are used for a number of purposes from keeping clocks running to those sometimes hard-to-find remote controls. They are also needed for emergency purposes if power was to go out and flashlights or lamps are necessary to assist you in a darkened home. While a number of these items come with their own batteries, those typically are inferior batteries, with staying power that leaves little to be desired. For this reason, we are going to look at two of the top battery brands and compare Duracell vs Energizer to see which choice is the best for your buck.


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Historically speaking, Energizer has been around almost 30 years longer than rival Duracell. Energizer was founded in 1896 under the well-known name of Eveready Battery Company. Eveready kept its name for nearly a century before it introduced the Energizer in 1980. Ralston Purina purchased Eveready in 1986, turning it into Energizer Holdings in 2000. Since that time, Energizer Holdings produces Energizer batteries as well as Ray-O-Vac, Varda, and Eveready.

Duracell has its origins tied to the P.R. Mallory Company, which started manufacturing batteries in 1924. They first produced batteries for military equipment, then over the years, they began to make batteries for various products. In the ‘50s, Kodak created the camera with a flash. This new design required a different size battery, so pre-Duracell came up with the AAA battery. It wasn’t until 1964 that Duracell was introduced as a brand name.


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In terms of market awareness, Duracell owns the market. It commands around 46% of the U.S. market share while the Energizer brand takes in around 28%.

So, while Energizer, by way of Eveready, has been around longer, Duracell has become the more popular brand. Is this because Duracell is a better battery? Let’s find out.



Taking a look at which types of batteries both brands offer, they are basically identical. Both brands offer the more popular types (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V) and they both also offer the lesser-used sizes such as the AAAA, J, and numerous button-sized batteries.

Both battery brands offer rechargeable batteries, and they also have the same chemistry which includes Lithium, silver-oxide, Zinc-air, and Nickel-metal hydride.

As a point of comparison, we decided to look at two of the more popular sizes, the AA battery, and the C battery.

C batteries are the popular size that is used for various gadgets like cameras, remote controls (some), radios, and even some motorized toys.

Duracell’s C batteries have features that include its DuraLock Technology and are ideal for those devices that are typically high drains such as flashlights, shavers, digital cameras, and high-powered toys or remotes. Duracell offers more C battery choices as it has the Duracell Plus C LR14, Duracell Ultra C LR14, Industrial by Duracell (Procell) C LR14, and ID1400. Duracell also has the rechargeable C 3000 mAh and has the ability to stay charged for up to 12-months (when not in use), lasts up to five years in storage, and can be charged up to 400 times.

Energizer C batteries fall under their “Max” name. These batteries are built with their long-lasting alkaline chemistry giving the battery a 10-year lifespan and can hold power for the same amount of time.

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Energizer also has its version of a rechargeable C battery – the Recharge C NiMH. This rechargeable has a little less power charge at 2500 mAh but it can also be charged up to 1,500 times.

AA batteries are also a very popular size, used for numerous products like clocks, remote controls, and even some smaller battery-powered toys and flashlights.

When looking at how long a battery should power a device, we look at the mAh number. The higher the number, the longer a battery should work. But with the higher number, comes a heavier battery. The Energizer AA is rated at 2,200 mAh while the Duracell is 2,000 mAh.

During one comparison with clocks, it was shown that Energizers last 3 times longer than the Duracell but when both batteries were used in flashlights, Energizers only lasted 3 hours continuously while Duracell lasted 6 hours.


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This is actually a big deal, environmentally speaking. In the case of possible battery leakage, both batteries were put through various temperatures (conditions play a big part in a battery’s lifespan) and they both showed no difference in leak rates.

Obviously, rechargeable batteries are much easier on our environment as they can be used multiple times, so the worry of disposal or recycling is much less.

Both battery brands offer information on their websites on either how to recycle dead batteries or dispose of them. Both batteries have stopped using the deadly mercury in their battery manufacturing, making both brands that much safer for the environment.

Duracell supports the Call2Recycle program while Energizer uses the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. Both brands seem to be doing their large part to make sure our environment is not harmed.


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Right here is where Energizer has the advantage. Pretty much across the board, Duracell’s battery prices sit near the most expensive on the market. Both brands run their specials, both brands offer bulk buying, but still, you will find Duracell on the more expensive end of the price spectrum.


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The battle of battery dominance between the two giants is only relegated to households or workplaces. No, these two battery rivals also like to duke it out in courts. Duracell, which is a part of billionaire Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway company, is suing Energizer for false advertising. Energizer’s advert claims its MAX battery lasts up to 50% longer than any other alkaline battery on the market.

Duracell’s complaint says that Energizer is attempting “to confuse and mislead consumers regarding the comparative benefits of Energizer’s MAX batteries relative to other alkaline batteries,” which counts Duracell’s Coppertop batteries.

Duracell says Energizer is falsely advertising its product and is asking the courts to stop Energizer’s ad campaign. The case is still being heard.


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In terms of power longevity, Duracell seems to have that advantage. Energizer enjoys a longer storage lifespan, so for some that may be why they would choose that brand. Also, Energizer wins the price battle, a bottom line that may ultimately be the deciding factor.

A clear winner? Financially speaking, yes. But remember, you get what you pay for so regardless of which battery brand you choose between the two, avoid the cheap batteries at all costs. In the long run, you’ll end up paying more and worrying more about the environment as you burn through the cheap batteries. Spend a little money, you’ll be thankful you did.