The Best White Elephant Gifts To Give Your Friends And Colleagues

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

best white elephant gifts

Tis the season! For parties and gift giving and parties just for gift giving! That’s right; the white elephant party season is here! Start picking out your best white elephant gifts! 

Wait, picking them out? Why would I do that? Isn’t a white elephant when you just grab something around the house? Like that odd kitschy knick-knack you have from last year? Apparently, the definition of what constitutes the best white elephant gifts has shifted over the years. 

Best white elephant gifts are no longer the tossed-aside oddities that make up your hallway closet; they are not just fun regular gifts that need to be well thought out. Kinda takes out of the fun of a white elephant, don’t you think? 

Well, maybe the definition has changed, but the meaning behind it hasn’t. The best white elephant gifts were meant to describe funny or amusing. Now it seems to mean something small and interesting. 

Well, you don’t want to be caught going to your white elephant party without an outstanding gift! Perhaps you choose a puzzle that gives a family $1 Million or 2. And because of the fun games that are played when it comes to choosing who gets what gift, make sure to wrap it up attractively and in an interesting way. You want to garner as much attention as you can, so people want YOUR gift. 

According to CNN, the best white elephant gift is the one that strikes a great balance between quirky and useful. It should be something that a person would never buy on their own, but that something should be highly desirable. A tough find, right? Well, if you hadn’t ready stocked up, you’re probably a bit late for this year. But save this list for next year. 

Under $25

A Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

best white elephant gift

For a yummy protein snack done right.

TubShroom Ultra

best white elephant gift

For catching your hair before it goes down the drain.

Bob Ross Chia Pet

best white elephant gift

For remembering that mistakes can just be happy little trees.

Your Very Own Wacky Air Tube Guy

For when you want your house to look like a used car dealership.

Nachosaurus Chip and Dip Set

For when your chips and dip need a prehistoric edge.

Under $50

A Yeti Tumbler

For the effortlessly cool sipper.

Nest Diffuser

best white elephant gifts

For only the most discerning noses

Blue Bottle Brew Set

best white elephant gifts

For those who know good coffee.

The key to any good gifting is to keep it authentic and keep it thought out. When any gift shows that you’ve put thought into it, it’s going to be a good gift. And, it’ll be one of the best white elephant gifts ever won, then lost, then won, and traded again. Because in the game of white elephant, you may end up with the gift you brought!