The Puzzle Gift That Could Win Your Family $2 Million

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

$2 million puzzle

Are you still looking for a fun gift for the family? How about a $2 Million Puzzle? Games are historically great gifts and bring people together for a shared experience. In order to really get a great moment, puzzles and games should be played offline and in real life. Turn off the Xbox for a bit of a rest. 

StackSocial, a website that scans the internet for fun products that you may not normally stumble upon, brings us a QR code puzzle that could win you up to $1 Million! ! The puzzle is called the $2 Million Puzzle because there are two chances to win $1 Million! 

The $2 Million Puzzle is 500 pieces and is a multi-colored QR code. Your goal is to put the puzzle together, then scan it with your phone. There are a couple of challenges here. 1) the puzzle itself. According to reviews, there is no picture to follow. Puzzle fans will either love or hate this fact. And 2) after the puzzle is together, you have to scan it; this may require you to get far above the puzzle (think, standing on a chair or a table). 

At this point, you may be thinking it’s not worth it and the benefits of video games are better. Through studies, we now know that video and other online games teach kids actual skills, like financial literacy and negotiation. 

But, this puzzle is well worth it. Because every puzzle is an actual winner! Prizes range from $1 to $1 Million. And if you get lucky once, maybe you’ll get lucky again. Puzzles can be bought in packs of 4. You increase your chances of winning the $2 Million Puzzle game the more you buy. 

As video and online games had their time in the sun, it seems like we are moving back to the days of games that challenge you to think and have some skill in order to see success. First, we had Wordle, which although online, requires the player to think of five-letter words in order to guess the final word through a process of elimination. 

This game has had incredible success. When you finish Wordle, you can share your screen on social media. That in itself is a key to its fame. As humans, our brains are wired to want to play games. In fact, one of the better ways in which we learn is through gameplay.

One game that we can’t seem to get over is Dino Swords. We all have this game (if you have a computer and use the online browser, Chrome.) Dino Swords pops up when you have lost internet connection but still have your computer on. And, you can actually play it. This proves that we can’t get away from games. 

So, maybe as a family gift this year, you’ll want to try your luck at a $2 Million Puzzle. Even if you don’t play it over the holidays, you may want to play it on New Year’s Eve. Staying home is always the safest option. It doesn’t get much cozier than you, your loved ones, and the chance to win some cash!