The Pope Approves Of This Social Media App

In an interview on Disney+, the Pope revealed that he approves of young people using Tinder to find potential romantic partners.

By Wendy Hernandez | Published


If you thought that the Pope was out of touch with modern society, think again! In a recent documentary released on Disney+, Pope Francis revealed that he approves of the social media app Tinder. Yes, you read that right! The Pope thinks it’s normal for young people to use Tinder to meet potential romantic partners.

According to an article in NBC News, the documentary, called “The Pope: Answers,” features a conversation between Pope Francis and a group of ten Spanish-speaking young adults. The group, which includes Catholics, Christians, atheists, agnostics, and one Muslim, asked the Pope about a range of topics, including sex, masturbation, disillusionment with the church, the church’s sexual abuse crisis, racism, immigration, abortion, and the LGBTQ community.

A Candid Conversation with Young Adults on Tinder

When asked about Tinder, a popular dating app that allows users to swipe through the profiles of other users and connect with those they find interesting, the Pope replied, “It’s normal. Young people have that eagerness to meet each other, and that’s very good.” He went on to say that he believes sex is “one of the beautiful things God gave to human beings” and that “to express oneself sexually is something rich.” He added that anything that diminishes a true sexual expression diminishes the individual as well.

The Pope’s Take on Sexuality: A Nuanced Approach

The Pope’s approval of Tinder may come as a surprise to some, given the Catholic Church’s stance on premarital sex. But the Pope is known for having more modern ideas about social issues, like supporting civil union laws for same-sex couples and being against laws that make being gay illegal.

No matter how people feel about the Pope’s support of Tinder, it is important to remember that his comments show a more nuanced approach to social issues than the Catholic Church has taken in the past. The Church has come under fire in recent years for its attitude on matters like contraception, divorce, and homosexuality, and many younger Catholics are clamoring for a more open and tolerant Church.

The Importance of Understanding the Risks and Challenges of Using Dating Apps

In this case, the Pope’s support for Tinder demonstrates his willingness to communicate with younger people about how their attitudes toward sex and relationships are changing. Instead of simply rejecting these views, the Pope acknowledges that they are a part of modern life and offers a more sympathetic and understanding perspective.

At the same time, it’s critical to understand the risks and challenges that come with using dating applications like Tinder. Users should take steps to protect their privacy and safety, just like they would with any other online platform, and they should be careful and respectful when meeting potential matches.

Conclusion: The Need for Institutions to Adapt to Change

Overall, the Pope’s support for Tinder shows that people’s ideas about sex and relationships are changing in the modern world, and that institutions like the Catholic Church need to change and adapt along with these changes. Even though not everyone agrees with what he said, it is a big step toward more understanding and acceptance. It is important for institutions to keep up with the times and be open to new ideas and attitudes, just like the Pope has demonstrated in his support for Tinder.