Popular Stroller Brand Recalled For Serious Hazard

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

Mockingbird stroller recall

Mockingbird is a luxury brand of strollers that can grow with your family! You start off with a single-seat stroller, then as your family grows, you extend the stroller to accommodate a sibling. This all sounds well and good, but sometimes, companies mess up and there is a recall due to causing bodily harm. Even with high-end products. Such is the case right now with the  Mockingbird stroller recall. 

According to NBC News, the stroller frame is cracking causing children to fall out and get scraped, bruised, or cut. There have been eight reported issues that have led to the Mockingbird stroller recall. 

Children’s products are many times the targets of mass recalls. Brands do not want children (or anyone) to get hurt by their products. In addition, it gives the brand a very bad name, and they suffer from poor reviews. Due to the Mockingbird stroller recall, the reviews most certainly have dropped. 

Sometimes brands can retain their good names by participating in a recall. Consumers then recognize that companies are handling business with good faith. The Mockingbird stroller recall is on par with Walmart selling earmuffs that burn children. However, Walmart is not an upscale brand like Mockingbird. This type of recall is unexpected. 

The Mockingbird stroller recall is happening because the frames on the strollers are cracking. This is fairly dangerous as the stroller is designed to extend to add another seat and is also designed to add a step for an older child to stand on. 

With up to three children catching a ride on the Mockingbird stroller, if the stroller breaks, getting cut or scratched can be the least of the injuries. The Mockingbird stroller recall is setting up kits for those who have affected strollers. The kits consist of two clamps that reinforce the frame of the stroller. 

People can see if they are affected by the Mockingbird stroller recall by finding certain product numbers on their stroller. These strollers are made in China but the company is headquartered in New York. It is unknown at this time if Mockingbird will choose to build their strollers elsewhere after this incident. 

The Mockingbird stroller recall gives parents a wake-up call to do their research on products and stay up on product recalls. In order to do so, parents (and anyone) can visit www.Recalls.gov where they can also sign up for alerts. This is the best way to know what type of recalls are happening at any given time.

Recalls are very important because even over-the-counter and prescription drugs can get recalled. The biggest recall was in 1985 and done by Tylenol. Seven people died in the Chicago area and all deaths were somehow tied to Tylenol. It is unclear if Tylenol was the cause of death, but the US government wants to be better safe than sorry. 

When it comes to saving lives, most brands are happy to help. Such is the case with Target. Twice a year the brand runs a special where you can bring in your old car seat and get a new one (or a new baby product) for 20% of the retail price. 

The used car seats are recycled and do not end up in landfills. The goal of the event is to save these products from being thrown away. The secondary goal is getting people safer products.