Some Amtrak Tickets Now Priced As Low As $5

Travelers who purchase Amtrack tickets between March 13th and April 30th will have the opportunity to snag them for as low as $5 on select routes.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

amtrak one word tweet

Amtrak recently updated some of its fares in the Northeast area of the United States, offering tickets for as low as $5. This is great news for those looking to travel during Spring Break and beyond within this region. The company recently had its one-word tweet go viral on Twitter, bringing it back in the forefront of America. 

According to CNBC, the deep discounts are aimed at those who are traveling on short trips between cities for the occasional conference or event. The new fares are available on select Amtrak routes and only for tickets booked between March 13th and April 30th.

Moreover, these discounted fares can be used to earn points and miles with Amtrak’s loyalty program. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just an occasional one, the cost savings are sure to make your trip more enjoyable.

With the new discounts, Amtrak is cementing its place as one of the best ways to travel in the US. Now you can explore the country in a comfortable and cost-effective way. This announcement comes on the heels as NJ Transit, a commuter rail service that runs across New Jersey, recently went on strike due to a union contract and disputes with the transit agency. 

Commuters faced huge disruption as a result of this event, needing to adjust their travel plans and having to search for alternatives. Fortunately, Amtrak swooped in with discounts and promotions that helped out the affected people. In addition to a 15 percent discount on tickets,  they also offered double points for Amtrak loyalty program members. 

This was a great way for Amtrak to show their appreciation for the customers who had been inconvenienced by NJ Transit’s action. Other marketing initiatives involve NJ Transit and other alternative ways, aside from costly airline tickets, to travel. 

While Amtrak’s Night Owl Fares offer discounts of up to 80% off select routes between midnight and 5 AM, travelers can now enjoy discounted fares throughout the day – with prices ranging from $5 to $20.

Amtrak has also been pushing the use of battery-powered trains, which are more environmentally friendly than traditional diesel-powered modes of transportation. According to the company, these electric trains will be able to travel up to 230 miles per hour and make stops along the way for pick-ups and drop-offs without needing to stop for refueling. 

This could potentially lead to a faster and more efficient way of traveling throughout the Northeast corridor.

Additionally, NJ Transit is also piloting a program to provide free Wi-Fi on certain trains so that customers can stay connected while on their journey. This service will be available as part of its Express Bus Plus program, which runs between Newark and New York City. By making use of free Wi-Fi, customers can stay connected during their travels, creating a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Overall, Amtrak and NJ Transit are both working to make traveling in the Northeast easier and less expensive.  Through their various initiatives, they are looking to create a more efficient and comfortable travel experience for those who rely on public transportation in the region. 

It remains to be seen if these efforts will pay off, but both companies have shown that they are willing to invest in improving the customer experience.