Why Twitter Employees Are Resorting To Bringing Their Own Toilet Paper To Work

Twitter employees are bringing toilet paper to work because janitors are no longer working in its corporate offices.

By Brian Scheid | Published

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When we go through our morning pre-work routines, it usually consists of taking a shower, grooming ourselves, eating breakfast, packing lunch, checking that we have our wallet or purse, and finally, making sure we have our car keys. The one item that most of us have never had to make sure we had in tow when leaving for our jobs in the morning is toilet paper. Twitter employees are finding out that it is as much of a necessity as bottled water since Elon Musk’s takeover in early November of the social media giant.

Elon’s purchase of the social network has been fraught with challenges for the Twitter employees that were left behind, having to continue working since 50% of the original staff he inherited were laid off within the first few weeks of his reign. Now it is being confirmed that Twitter corporate offices have become complete disaster zones that are littered with trash and leftover takeout food, and they have an unfamiliar stench which is described as a combination of hot garbage, sweaty body odor, and rotting meats. Elon was supposed to come in and elevate this company to the heights he achieved with the Tesla Motor Company, so how come Twitter has descended into something that would be depicted by Hollywood as a contemporary take on life in the Middle Ages?

According to Business Insider,” Twitter’s janitors took strike action earlier this month. One union blamed the strike on unfair labor practices. The company didn’t negotiate a new contract with Flagship, the janitorial company that employs them, according to unions.” We have also learned that Twitter has stopped paying rent at multiple office locations as they try to renegotiate its deals with these landlords or exit the rental agreements altogether to cut costs. Elon Musk has been attempting to save Twitter upwards of $500 million in unrelated labor costs. 

Managers at certain locations have been asked to operate their offices with a zero-based budgeting approach which has led workers to resort to bringing their own toilet paper to the office just in case their bodies decide to schedule an unexpected number two meeting in the restroom. The fact that Twitter workers are being subjected to this level of negligence and indecency in the modern workplace is appalling. The fact that they are having to endure such horrific working conditions is a complete breakdown of the foundation of our society’s standards on what is acceptable in corporate offices.

Over the past few decades, the progress in the corporate office space has been all about employee behaviors on how to interact with a diverse group of co-workers. That has been possible because somewhere around the end of the industrial age, we set standards as far as what is acceptable in the corporate physical environment, like having water readily available, suitable break areas for workers, clean and usable restrooms, and accessibility to the workspace. Twitter employees have stepped back in time to an era that was fraught with unhealthy conditions akin to coal miners in the late 1800s, minus the black lung carcinogens floating in their breathable air.

 After learning these shocking facts about the state of Twitter employees’ office environment that just might be next week’s leading headline. At the beginning of November, many of these same workers were thankful that King Elon had spared their jobs from the massive layoffs the company endured and deemed them as essential personnel. Fast forward to the end of December, and they go to sleep every night wondering why they couldn’t have been spared this level of suffering and been put out of their misery like their lucky laid-off former coworkers.