Aramith Tournament Pool Balls Review

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After getting many emails we have decided to do the Aramith Tournament Pool Balls review. These are excellent quality pool balls. The set appears with full 16 balls set which include eight solids, seven stripes, and one cue ball to assure that you do not lack anything when in the center of the play. You will enjoy playing them with a good pool cue.

This set of 16 balls of Aramith Tournament pool balls are precisely everything you need. The balls are a reflection of the top feature balls that you can obtain in the market.

Aramith Tournament Pool balls have efficiency and accuracy that you need in your game. It is produced from great-quality Duramith resin formulation, which lasts up to 8 times more than other pool balls. The Duramith resin increases the life span of these balls.


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Aramith Tournament Pool Balls:

Aramith Tournament Pool Balls have a perfect round shape and have a weight of about 5.96 ouches which is an excellent weight for a good pool ball. So the player will require an average weight to hit the ball. Balls with higher weight can also affect the stick with which you are playing.

Aramith Tournament Pool Balls can bear high temperatures and don’t produce scratches on the pool table which helps the table cloth to have a longer life expectancy. When you enjoy the pool, you desire the balls to rotate correctly to form the selection you create. You will observe a good rotation of the balls if you practice these balls. Their shine color looks really good when these balls move on the table.


Aramith Tournament Pool balls are manufactured with Duramith resin formulation, a hi-tech directed molecular composition that improves the durability of the balls while reducing the heat between the table cloth and the ball.

Aramith uses Duramith technology to manufacture these pool ball colors. These pool balls are classic for any snooker player regardless of their skill level. They are composed of perfect symmetry and roundness.


The Standard size of Aramith tournament pool balls is 2 ‘’1/4″ which is perfect for a pool ball. This perfect size will allow the balls to fit the hole of the table when you try to score some points. Moreover, this size suits well with a large table.

Good pool balls are usually of two inches diameter and their weight is from five to six ounces. Balls of Smaller size are used well with small tables.  Because you will never love to have a very big ball on a small pool table and even small balls on the big pool table look a bit ugly.

Conclusion: Aramith Tournament Pool Balls Review

If you want a good product and an expert level ball, then you can try Aramith Tournament Pool Balls. All of these balls are well composed with the real rolling ability and have bright shades with bold and dark black numbers on them.

Aside from the positive aspect they also have the negative side and that negative side is their higher price. They have a bit higher rate. So if you can afford it, you can choose some other pool ball set.