Sea Moss Benefits: Add It To Your Daily Routine Today

Let's take a look at sea moss benefits, what it means to use this supplement in your day-to-day life, and why you should incorporate it

By Rick Gonzales | Published

sea moss benefits

With all of the creeping crud that we’ve been exposed to over the past few years, it’s no wonder that people are searching for the best ways to boost their immune systems. There are plenty of products on the market, all of which promise to strengthen your immune system against sickness, foreign or domestic, that threatens your daily life. One such immune system booster may be one you have not heard of but should become very familiar with. It is called Sea Moss, a type of red algae or seaweed, and it is loaded for bear. Let’s take a look at the Sea Moss benefits and how it can help in day-to-day life.


Sea Moss, also known as Irish moss, goes by the technical name of Chondrus crispus. This seaweed is harvested for carrageenan, which is used to thicken foods but is also available to the public in its raw form or even as supplements (pills, gummies, gels, powders). Sea Moss grows along most Atlantic shorelines from North America to Europe to the Caribbean Islands.

Lately, Sea Moss has become a very popular item. As the COVID pandemic took over and many physicians leaned into immune system boosting, Sea Moss started to become a very popular item. There are numerous benefits (which we will go into shortly) from this superfood. And not only can you take it by itself, but you can also add Sea Moss to many different drinks (smoothies, shakes) or even include it in tasty recipes to get the most out of the Sea Moss benefits.


sea moss benefits

What makes Sea Moss very beneficial to take is that it is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So, if you are truly looking to boost your health, Sea Moss is an excellent choice. Taking Sea Moss daily will bring add a number of healthy nutrients to your daily intake. These include Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12, Calcium, Chromium, Magnesium, and Zinc. Along with the added nutrients, Sea Moss is bi in benefits as well.

  • Boosts Your Immune System: The high levels of vitamins and minerals that Sea Moss carries allow you to keep your body healthy so it can fight off infections.
  • Improves Digestion: Yes, Sea Moss goes there. It is a natural source of fiber, which is key in keeping things “moving” at a nice pace.
  • Helps with Weight Loss: Sea Moss is a very low-calorie food, so if you are looking to shed a few pounds, Sea Moss can help. Also, because Sea Moss is high in fiber, it will keep you feeling full, which can cut down those in-between meals and snacks that get you in trouble.
  • Reduces Inflammation: Sea Moss is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Taking this can help reduce pain and swelling.
  • Boost Energy Levels: Okay, who doesn’t need an extra kick or two of energy? We can all stand some and Sea Moss includes the many vitamins and minerals that will give you just that.
  • Reduces Your Stress: In this day and age, stress is pretty much all we know and we know just how bad stress can be. Magnesium is contained in Sea Moss and that is a substance that has been proven to be a natural stress reliever.
  • It Keeps You Smart: Sea Moss also claims Iodine as an ingredient, which is key to proper brain function.
  • Joint Health Improvement: Sea Moss contains glucosamine, which is a key substance that allows for healthy and well-lubricated joints.
  • Detoxification of the Body: Another big benefit of taking Sea Moss is a simple fact that it detoxifies the body. It contains compounds that help remove toxins and mucus.

The above are a few of the every day benefits you can get by taking Sea Moss, but it does have other potential positives as well. First, not only does Sea Moss boost your immune system, but it may also prevent you from contracting salmonella. In one specific study, Sea Moss was shown to completely stop the growth of S. Enteritidis, the bacteria that causes salmonella in human beings. This is, however, very early in studies and more research will be needed.

Another potential huge benefit from Sea Moss is that it may also prevent Parkinson’s Disease. Yes, if true, this would be a major boost for the medical community. As you may know, Parkinson’s is the second-most common degenerative disease seen in older adults. It affects movement by causing tremors and slowness of movement. It also causes stiffness and to date, there is no cure for Parkinson’s. A study was completed using worms and when paired with Sea Moss, it was shown to decrease α-synuclein accumulation along with reducing stiffness and the slowness of movement. But as seen with the Salmonella study, more research will be needed to see if Sea Moss truly can slow down, if not completely eliminate, the progress of Parkinson’s.


The beauty of Sea Moss is that it can be digested in just about any form you wish. If you don’t mind taking pills, then you can take it in capsule or tablet form. If you prefer it in foods, there is Sea Moss gel you can use. Maybe you wish to include it in a drink (smoothie, shake), you can add Sea Moss powder as well.

There are two wonderful and tasty recipes you can use to include Sea Moss into your daily routine. The first is called a Jamaican Irish Moss Drink and it comes from The recipe uses dates, Sea Moss gel, coconut cream, almond milk, cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg all tossed into a blender. A quick blend delivers a tasty treat that you can top with cinnamon.

The next is called a Chocolate Raspberry Sea Moss Smoothie. This drink contains a few more ingredients than the Irish Moss Drink, but when put together, offers just as much health and refreshment. Here is what you’ll need: cucumber, avocado, flax seeds, cacao, raspberries, Sea Moss gel, and non-dairy milk. You can find the entire recipe and directions here. If these two don’t work for you, perhaps one of the other 16 Healthy Superfood Smoothies (that include Sea Moss) will do the trick.

Sea Moss has other uses as well. We have touched on the fact that it is used as a thickening agent for foods, but it can also be used to water plants. It is a wonderful ingredient to put in soil, providing your plants with a ton of great nutrients. A mixture of 1-2 tablespoons of Sea Moss gel into a half-gallon of water should do the trick.

Instead of putting Sea Moss inside your body, it can do wonders on the outside of it as well. Since sea moss helps your body produce collagen, you can slap that stuff on your face and create a facial glow. It’s an easy mixture of 2 tablespoons of Sea Moss gel with a teaspoon of turmeric powder and lay it on your face. Your face will love you for it.

Of course, if you can drink Sea Moss, you can certainly cook with it. First off, as a thickening agent, you can use it with soups and stews, sauces, and desserts. Capri Lilly released a cookbook last year called, Cooking With Sea Moss: 50+ Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Easy Healthy Recipes That Contain Sea Moss! It includes over 50 recipes that you can use daily to get as much benefit from Sea Moss as possible.


We went over the Sea Moss benefits a little earlier and those benefits still remain when you take it daily. Since it is used often as a dietary supplement for its vitamins and minerals, daily use is recommended. So, how much should you take if you are going the daily route? It is generally recommended that you take 1-2 tablespoons of the gel per day. If you have the power form of Sea Moss and wish to include it in a drink, then 1-2 teaspoons are equivalent to 1 tablespoon of gel. If you are taking it in pill form, then two capsules once a day is recommended.

But also note, because there haven’t been a lot of in-depth studies on Sea Moss, it can have its drawbacks as well. The first is that there hasn’t been enough research surrounding Sea Moss. Another is that, as with any seaweed, the nutritional value can vary greatly from product to product. This means that while iodine is a good thing in your diet, too much can cause health risks. Too much iodine can cause hypothyroidism. Sea Moss may also come with the risk of too much heavy metal consumption. No, we aren’t talking heavy metal rock music here. Although the risk of heavy metal toxicity is low, seaweeds are known to absorb large amounts of heavy metals.


So, now that we know there are Sea Moss benefits when taking it every day, are there any Sea Moss benefits if you take it in the morning versus taking it at night? With the many different ways you can ingest Sea Moss, you would think that any time of the day is the best time to take it, just as long as you get it in your body. But the truth of the matter is that it all depends on what type of result you are looking for when choosing to include Sea Moss in your diet.

If you have decided that consuming it as a drink is your best bet, then you will probably want to drink it first thing in the morning when you have an empty stomach. In fact, many health experts recommend taking Sea Moss in the morning because it helps improve your mental clarity as the day progresses and it is also good to help boost your energy level.

If you are choosing to take it in the morning, it is best to take it either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after your morning meal. Because of the carrageen content, it may interfere with digestion. If you are taking the gel version, make sure you take it with plenty of water because it may cause dehydration. Also, start with smaller doses than recommended. It could cause nausea with excessive intake, so go slow until your body adjusts.

Now, Sea Moss also has potential health benefits as well, so there are some who recommend taking it at night. Sea Moss is known to help with boosting immunity while also helping reduce inflammation, so this is why many choose to take it before bed. Some medical experts believe that Sea Moss helps improve insomnia, allowing for a more restful sleep. Some who have taken it before bed say they wake up feeling much more refreshed and energized.

As with any new supplement, it is best to consult with your physician before stopping or including any supplement with your current medication. This is especially true if you have any underlying health conditions. One more note of importance, there are plenty of sources out there that claim to be selling high-quality Sea Moss. That may not always be the case. Make sure you know what you are purchasing before you actually purchase it and make sure the source you buy it from is reputable.


Sea Moss is like any supplement you are adding to your diet. If you follow the directions, start slow to make sure your body reacts in kind, you should start feeling the positive effects shortly after first use. Studies have shown that most people are so iodine-deficient, that within the first few days of taking Sea Moss, they begin to notice a difference. On average, though, it may take you three to six weeks of consistent use for you to begin to notice any change.


It all comes down to using the Sea Moss supplement the correct way. Too little and you won’t notice a difference. Too much and it could have an adverse effect on your body. But if you use it properly, Sea Moss’s benefits could include being a great way to cleanse your system. As a great source of fiber, your digestive tract will be thrilled as things will continue to move with ease. Sea Moss helps reduce the risk of bloating, constipation, and any other digestive issues you may have seen in the past or wish to avoid in the future.

Additionally, other Sea Moss benefits include help with proper thyroid function. Again, if taken properly, the nutrients such as iodine, potassium, and selenium help regulate hormone production while also protecting the thyroid from damage. Sea Moss is a great supplement to use for a good detox and cleanse.