Pizza Hut Just Released A Brand New Special Pizza

By Whitney White | Published


Starting this past week and for a limited time, the Spicy Lover’s Pizza will be available from Pizza Hut. Spicy marinara sauce, two types of pepperoni (traditional and crispy cupped), red jalapeno peppers, and a special dusted topping composed of herbs and crushed chili peppers are all featured in this pie. Consumers can order the pizza according to three different versions. One version includes double pepperoni. Another one of the versions has chicken and pineapple, while the third version is a vegan variant with green bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Each of these pizzas can be ordered as a large starting at $12.99.

Pizza Hut claims that people are becoming more accustomed to spicy foods. According to a third-party analysis from Technomic, a research firm specializing in the foodservice business, approximately 80% of people enjoy dishes that have a mild to moderate spiciness to them.  The survey also revealed that spicy flavors have a tendency to attract younger people. According to the report, the new menu item is expected to attract the younger crowds and “their pizza-loving friends.”

Spicy food has recently been added to the menus of other restaurant chains. Arby’s, for example, promises to sell the “spiciest sandwich on the market” with five different types of spice. Shake Shack debuted a buffalo chicken sandwich and buffalo-spiced fries this week. There are also a variety of spicy fried foods available at other restaurants like Wendy’s and KFC. 

Pizza is a competitive market, with customers’ preferences frequently evolving in response to special offers and new menu items. Sales at Pizza Hut locations in the United States increased merely 2% year over year in the most recent quarter. Yum Brands, the company’s parent, will announce its next earnings report on February 9.

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A recent TUMS survey reveals that 63% of respondents say they look forward to eating dishes they haven’t been able to enjoy over the past 12 months as the pandemic has spread. While many people want greater social connection, it is frequently the food on the table that brings them together. There are various reasons to hop in the car and satisfy that hunger, from desiring a slice of Grandma’s apple pie to a slab of your uncle’s award-winning ribs.

Despite the fact that everyone appears to be hungry, some cuisines are more popular than others. Granted, some people seek out that one-of-a-kind ambrosia salad, but not everyone is as picky about specific meals. Tacos are the most popular spicy food, according to the TUMS poll. In fact, the top three spicy items that Americans love are salsa, buffalo hot wings, and chili. 

Despite the fact that there is a need for spicy cuisine, the study did not specifically address the level of spiciness. Because everyone’s palate is different, some people may find green peppers to be overpowering, while others may find the ghost pepper to be relatively bland. It all boils down to a matter of perspective. But, every now and then, that desire is tinged with trepidation. The TUMS survey indicated that 36% of Americans avoid spicy food because of reasons related to heartburn. However, after the past year, it’s apparent that something like heartburn isn’t going to stand in the way of making sure that Americans enjoy tasty food.  That’s why Americans are encouraged to crank up the heat this year and make it one to remember.