See The Electric Bike Designed For Families

The Trek Fetch Plus 2 and 4 electric bikes are designed to carry kids and cargo.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published


If you spend time in any major city, you will see electric bikes parked on corners or strewn haphazardly on sidewalks. They are an increasingly popular mode of transportation in urban areas. And the good news is that a newer electric bike ideal for families is primed to hit the market.

Trek, one of the top electric bike manufacturers, announced a new concept that will likely take off with urban parents. And the best news? There are two different versions, so customers can select the one that suits their needs and personalities. 

The new electric bike can haul cargo (kids or stuff). According to The Verge, “The Fetch Plus 2 is a long-tail cargo bike with an extended rear rack for carrying children, cargo, or a mix of both. And the Fetch Plus 4 is a box bike, also known as a bakfiets, with a long wheelbase and a generous front cargo area.”

electric bike
Source: Trek

Trek relied on the same powertrain manufacturer it uses for many of its other electric bikes. “Both Fetch Plus models will sport Bosch’s BES3 smart systems, which includes the German company’s Cargo Line brand of 250W motor that puts out 80 newton-meters of torque and can hit a top speed of 20mph (25 km/h).” According to Bosch, the company developed the Cargo Line with an electric bike that hauls cargo in mind. 

Trek incorporated integrated battery systems on each electric bike. However, the Fetch Plus 4 has a larger (and more powerful) battery. It is a 4.3kg 750Wh battery.

The Fetch Plus 2 electric bike uses a 500Wh battery, which is standard. And each electric bike has five settings on its digital display, which is good news. Riders can easily select an assistance level for the ride.

That sounds all well and good. But if someone plans to splurge for a cargo-carrying electric bike, the load capacity is important. Thankfully, Trek put a lot of thought into that feature.

“The Fetch Plus 2 is rated for 440lbs (200kg), including both the rider and cargo. The Fetch Plus 4’s front box is designed to handle up to 176lbs (20kg) or 60 gallons (230 liters). Space-wise, it can fit two kids, either riding on a bench with safety harnesses or in compatible child seats for the younger ones.”

But that’s not all. The electric bikes also come with a few bells and whistles. Some come standard, and others are optional. 

Potential buyers can select from among many frame colors. Each bike also comes complete with safety lighting, Abus brake locks, fenders, and kickstands. Additionally, interested parties can purchase a set of hard-shell panniers.

Both electric bike versions officially hit the market on March 3. However, they will cost you a pretty penny. The Fetch Plus 2 will run $5,999, and the Fetch Plus 4 will set you back $8,499.

But before you brush them off as too expensive, understand that the Trek electric bikes have something most other e-bike retailers don’t. And that is brick-and-mortar licensed repair shops and storefronts. So if something goes wrong, customers can reach out to a knowledgeable party for help.