The New Most-Preferred Method Of Transportation In US Cities Is Not What You Think

E-Bikes have proven to be a more affordable alternative than any electric vehicle and are becoming increasingly popular as a means of preferred transportation in cities.

By Trista Sobeck | Updated


As electric vehicles become increasingly in demand, people are finding that, well, gas and fossil fuels are, yes, harmful to the environment, but spending a lot on an EV is harmful to your wallet. Never mind the charging costs. They are increasing as well. Many folks are finding that a fantastic alternative is found in bikes–electric bikes, that is. Some futurists predict that as cities are designed more for pedestrians and easy navigation, e-bikes will take the place of cars entirely. 

According to NPR, there is a mode of transportation that is becoming preferable to electric vehicles to city dwellers. That method is the e-bike. EVs are extremely expensive but many folks want to do what they can for the environment. Plus, if you live in a city and can get things done in a couple of miles or so, an e-bike is the perfect alternative. People are losing interest in EVs because of cost, the unknown of the future, and just info fatigue. 

When you have to do so much research on which EV to purchase, how to do maintenance, and learn new concepts about your car, an e-bike may look more appealing. An e-bike has motorized assistance as well as people power. When you need more help pedaling on hills or rugged terrain, the electric part of the bike can kick in. 

Some e-bike riders use a type of wagon or accessory to help carry groceries or even kids! Some wagons or accessories are sold separately, while some come directly with the bike. It helps to know what you want or how you’ll grow in the future, whether with your e-bike or your family. Public transportation, as an option to traditional gas-powered cars, is sometimes a no-go. Children can be fussy and loud, and toting them on a metro or bus can be a huge hassle or sometimes even dangerous. 

Some EV manufacturers are seeing the future and are now producing e-bikes. Companies like Rivian, a California-based firm, are choosing to diversify their offerings with different types of transportation. No one knows what the future holds, and e-bikes may become more popular than electric cars as more people move to cities and as cities start to change how they are designed. Suburbs be gone! 

e-bikes also appeal to those who don’t consider themselves “bikers,” complete with spandex. They don’t even see themselves as particular athletic folks and know their limits. They don’t want or need to spend their time huffing and puffing up hills or being stranded in the slow lane.

In 2021, more than half of all car trips were less than three miles. That’s the perfect amount of mileage for an e-bike. If folks want or need to go further, they can keep their gas-powered cars for longer trips. The City of Denver is giving out vouchers to its citizens to help pay for e-bikes. The city has found that many of its drivers take single-capacity trips. Why is an entire car needed?

Denver residents can get anywhere from $400-$1200 for an e-bike. Only time will tell how popular the pilot will be. If it changes how folks travel, e-bikes may be seen more often. Keep your eyes peeled!