Colorful Socks – What Are The Best Options For Holiday Gifts?

Colorful socks can make or break an outfit so when considering gifts this year check out Zeke's, Bomba's, and John's

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Okay, folks, the holiday season is almost upon us, and we all know what that means – Christmas shopping time. Whether it’s your wants or the wants of family members, significant others, or close friends, it is time to put that Christmas list together so you can be better prepared when strolling through the local mall. One item that should be on that list, as it makes a great stocking stuffer or conversation starter, is colorful socks.

Everyone loves a pair or two of colorful socks, don’t they? They show pizazz and flair and oftentimes bring a smile to the faces who see them. They must be a popular item because there are plenty of choices out there.

So, we are going to help out a little bit by making some thoughtful, if not scientific, recommendations. These are sure to catch a glance or two, depending on how one wears their pants. Let’s try these on for size.


John’s Crazy Socks

Price – varies from $5.99-$19.99 per pair on John’s Crazy Socks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if either is looking for colorful socks with a hint of crazy, John’s is the place to go. It is 100% online shopping with John’s Crazy Socks and there is no shortage of offerings. Guys, if you are into Army Men, Sasquatch, Surf Santa, Tacos, or even Cheez-Its, John has your size.

Ladies, maybe Thanksgiving dinner is your thing or perhaps it’s a Monster Party. How about Art Supplies? Dogs, cats, sheep, and even sloths are just some of the colorful sock selections from John’s Crazy Socks.

Zeke’s Funky and Fun Colorful Socks

colorful socks

Price$29.99 for a dozen on Amazon.

Talk about a great choice of colorful socks, Zeke sets up sock wearers with a choice of a dozen colorful socks that also have wild designs. Zeke has socks with dots and socks with checkers, argyle socks, and socks with stripes. The patterns are wild, but not as wild as the mixture of colors.

Bombas – The Eric Carle Collection

Price$76.00 for a four-pack on Bombas.

Some out there may recognize the name, Eric Carle. If not, you should know he was one of the most popular children’s book authors of our time. Carle published over 70 children’s books, all as colorful as the socks that are based on his works.

Carle illustrated his own books, so the colorful socks offer his unique style that includes the icy tundra of Polar Bear, the webs of the Very Busy Spider, the Very Hungry Caterpillar’s green, leafy home, and Big Brown Bear’s colorful world. True, the price of a four-pack of these socks may run a little steep, but they are well worth it for their colorful designs.

Colorful Socks at Target

colorful socks

Price – varies at Target.

Without a doubt, most of us will at some point or another find ourselves inside a Target store during the holiday shopping season. It is a great place to go to find affordable, colorful socks. Target’s men’s and women’s selections run the gambit from fun animal socks to colorful socks with crazy patterns.


colorful socks

Price – $6-$12 per pair for kid’s socks, $10-$16 per pair for men’s and women’s socks on Sockologie.

Kids, women, or men, Sockologie has toes covered. Sockologie’s website is a feast for the eyes and very simple to navigate. Socks are broken down by gender and offer numerous colorful sock selections that include trending (golf, beer, camping), seasonal (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), interests (sports, drinking, junk food), and themes (funny, food & drink, inappropriate, and pop culture).

Sock wearers will be able to find virtually any type of theme at Sockologie and best of all, they are as colorful as a sock can get.


You may not have noticed, but as of late, white socks are becoming a thing of the past. Back in the day, guys would be rocking the knee-high white socks with the two stripes surrounding the upper calf, but no more. Colorful socks are what’s in vogue, whether being out on a summer stroll or headed to the board room.

If it is a casual night out on the town, why not fly that colorful sock freak flag? In a casual setting, there really aren’t many rules when it comes to socks. What really makes colorful socks pop is if your outfit is more subdued, then rocking colorful socks will add some flavor to the night.

With that said, wearers will still want to match their socks (as colorful as they may be) to whatever event they may be attending, whether it be a casual joint, semi-formal, or even formal. Obviously, as we just mentioned, the causal environment calls for a bold statement. One can probably get away with a colorful look (though not as crazy) in semi-formal attire, but probably not as wild when dressing formally.

Fashion also plays a big part in the colorful sock selection. While showing off colorful socks can be fun, one wants to be careful how much sock is being shown. The cut in men’s pans has become higher and tighter which, back in the day (again), were called “high waters” and it wasn’t done on purpose.

As pants designs continue to fall short of the ankle, men and women are going to want to be cognizant of what socks they are pairing their outfits with. There is nothing like making a fun statement as long as it is the appropriate time and place to make one. As mentioned, formal clothing and colorful socks may not be the best time to break out that pairing.

There are a few exceptions to the colorful socks rule but for the most part, if one is feeling it, show them off. They can be a great way to advertise your mood, especially around the holiday time. And speaking of holidays, these are a perfect gift, whether you purchase them online or in a physical store, to give to those family members, significant others, or close friends who may be in need of a little style change.