Every Reveal From Apple’s Keynote Event

Apple revealed a slew of updated core products at its latest Keynote event.

By Joseph Farago | Published

Apple’s recent presentation documented all the new reveals, updates, and software coming to stores soon. The Apple keynote discussed the most anticipated release, the iPhone 14, and all its unique features and function. Alongside the latest iPhone, other updates and technology were discussed, exciting all facets of the tech community.

The Apple keynote extensively discussed the upcoming iPhone 14 collection. The series will include the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus, the iPhone Pro, and the iPhone Pro Max. The iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max are both the most physically different from their predecessors; each sports a unique, pill-shaped screen at the top of the display. The display will showcase real-time updates like charging percentage, weather, and connected devices. The cut-out, known as Dynamic Island, will have rotating notifications displayed that you can tap, directing you to the apps to which the notifications are connected.

The standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are definite upgrades from the iPhone 13. For starters, they are slightly larger than the previous iPhones, spanning 6.7-inches long. The displays are more dynamic, too, with a 1,200-nit HDR display with stunning HDR technology. They both will have the battery life of the iPhone 13 Max, which is incredibly efficient with long-lasting power. The cameras have been updated to larger sensors, with a 12-megapixel primary camera. The Apple keynote explained that better sensors would help take photos in restricted lighting situations and have faster-capturing speed. The upgraded camera also boosts photography in low lighting, with a more advanced focus to get those perfect shots.

The Apple keynote discussed the new Apple Watch 8 Series and Apple Watch Ultra alongside the new iPhone 14. The watches have fresh, updated faces, larger displays, and higher durability for people on the go. The watches come with highly advanced crash-detection software, which uses two different sensors that activate during a collision. The sensors trigger the emergency function, contacting local services with the location of the crash. The latest Apple Watch Series comes with a low-power mode, which restricts the unnecessary features to save battery life. This will help sustain the watches up to 36 hours after a full charge. Each Apple 8 watch has a three-month free subscription to the Apple Fitness Plus application.


Though Apple Watches have a distinguishable, unique display and design, it was revealed in the Apple keynote that they’re releasing a more elevated watch for the luxury inclined. The Apple Watch Ultra is the most sophisticated watch that the tech company has released to date. It’s made of titanium, with a fortified bezel to protect the glass from sudden impacts. The watch has an upgraded mic for calls and commands, built-in cellular, and better battery life, extending to almost three full days on low-power mode. The GPS was also upgraded, providing better maps and directions in cities or highly-populated areas.

Most of the products the Apple keynote discussed will be available to purchase by mid or late-September. Though the tech company only revealed product updates instead of completely original tech, the upgrades come with unbelievable functions that are certainly worth the uptick in price.