The Only Free Way To Get Yourself A Vintage Ford Pickup Truck

In commemoration of Ford's pickup trucks turning 75 years old, Ford is making old photographs and advertising materials free to view and download via its Heritage Vault website.

By Brian Scheid | Updated

vintage ford pickup retro electric truck

One of the most iconic car designs ever created was for the vintage Ford F-150 pickup truck that is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary. In commemoration of the anniversary, the Ford Motor Company has made images of this iconic vintage pickup truck design available for the public for free. The images are downloadable sans any cost on the Ford Heritage Vault site.

Car collectors and gearheads alike rejoiced at the opportunity to download vintage photographs, sales brochures, and advertising campaigns. The Ford Heritage Vault site was launched back in June 2022 in an attempt by the Ford Motor Company to make their product history more accessible to the fans and collectors that have appreciated their offerings over the years. However, Ford was not prepared for the volume of interest its new site would cause by rabid gearheads looking to get their hands on anything and everything from the Ford archival vault.

According to USA Today, the Ford Heritage Vault site “unveiled images so rare and popular for public viewing in June that its website crashed.” This content attracted hundreds of thousands of car buffs to visit the site, not only from the United States but from all over the world. Since they unveiled the site in June of last year, they have recorded visitors from 167 countries with the top countries beyond the United States visiting the website being Finland, Britain, South Africa, and Australia.

Ford archivist Ted Ryan told USA Today, “We expected heavy, heavy usage and then decline,” Ryan said. “Instead, we’re averaging 3,000 downloads a day and 3,500 users a day.”

With the release of these vintage Ford pickup materials, they are anticipating a surge to their system (which this time will be prepared) and have doubled server capacity to meet the high demand. The latest release features more than just the vintage pickup truck but also includes free access to a total of 9,000 images of classic Ford, Lincoln, and Edsel vehicles. Also, as we mentioned earlier, it includes nuggets of vintage sales brochures of Mustang, Bronco, and of course the F-150s.

Ted Ryan also discusses the massive number of man-hours it takes to comb through the Ford archives in Dearborn, Michigan to uncover some of these hidden gems and get them digitized, scanned, cataloged, and uploaded to eventually be released on the website. Everything on the Ford Heritage site is free to view and download to your heart’s content. These photos, letters, and brochures have been preserved at the temperature- and humidity-controlled facility in Dearborn, Michigan.

As an added note, if you need to write an essay or your child has a high school paper that they are writing on vintage Ford pickup trucks or anything Ford Motor Company related, we highly recommend this treasure trove of information. Even if you are just wanting to take a stroll down memory lane, this is a cannot-miss website that will trigger some old memories.