The Secret To Artificial Intelligence And What It’s Doing To You

Artificial Intelligence is capable of building upon what they were already taught to do by using in-context learning techniques.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

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Artificial intelligence is something straight from I-Robot and The Matrix, but it is starting to become quite prevalent in people’s lives. So how do platforms like ChatGPT actually work? It seems like the experts in AI have also been having this trouble. They have discovered that some artificial intelligence platforms are competent in tasks they were never trained to do. It is a worrying and confusing question with an even more complex answer.

So it was put to the finest minds in the country, the researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; they have been looking into why the phenomena of “in-context learning” happen.

For an AI to learn anything new, they need to be trained on a range of new data. This is completed by researchers inputting thousands of different data sets into the machine until they get the desired result. It is something that can last quite a long time before its completion. But in this new phenomenon called “in-context learning”, the AI machine only needs a few examples of a task before it can repeat the job itself. So it is essentially picking up new skills as a human would.

So essentially, these artificial intelligence machines build on the information they have already gained instead of just memorizing something and repeating it back. Instead of working with popular AIs like ChatGPT, they worked with smaller or simple AI machines to really get to the source of why this happens.

What is even more confusing is that when the AI machine was given a set of data that it would have never seen before, they were able to decipher and extract the basic knowledge. This revelation led researchers to believe that all AI machines and platforms can conduct “in-context learning” by creating smaller platforms within themselves, which can complete these new tasks.

In simple terms, these large artificial intelligence machines create smaller ones to simplify their new workload. Experts feel this is the first major stepping stone in creating AIs that can complete harder, more complex tasks, which will make them a better tool to use.

These systems can not only retrieve information for you, but they can also process it, which is why they are such an important tool to refine and get right. But having automated systems process information is a problem in itself. They are known to produce sexist and racist biases that producers are finding nearly impossible to eradicate. At the moment, they do not have the knowledge about these systems to know if they will ever be able to remove such bias.

Technology is something that has come into our lives, and it is here to stay. Since this is such a new area of technology, experts are very unsure of what the future will hold for artificial intelligence machines or even what their full capabilities are now. Even though the produced these computers are so complex in nature that the people who made them are not entirely sure of the range of capabilities it possesses.