How Much Turmeric Per Day For Inflammation

By Asad | Published

If you are confused about how much turmeric per day for inflammation is ideal then you need to first understand what form of turmeric you are taking in. What composition it has?  Is it ground turmeric or some supplement, Why? Because turmeric is composed of a number of ingredients and only one ingredient in turmeric powder is responsible for relieving the inflammation only if it assisted by the right molecular helper. So you need to get the right form of turmeric dose ingested to have the desired results.

This means that the dosage is related to the form of turmeric you are taking. For example, the dosage required to relieve inflammation would be too high if you are taking the incorrect form or it would be in low but correct amount if taken in the right form. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you have the right form of turmeric available. Luckily, I have found two right turmeric supplements, I will share in this post and tell Why I recommend these:
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Although turmeric dose has many nutrients but the magic ingredient which relieves inflammation is called Curcumin.  This alkaloid has great anti-inflammatory properties as it prevents the genes which cause inflammation to reach the swelled joints. But the problem is, this compound is present in a very low amount in turmeric powder. Therefore, the problem causing genes will not be suppressed if you are taking the form of turmeric powder that has very low curcumin in it.

Let me explain in slightly more detail:

Curcumin is present in very small quantity typically 2-6 milligrams in 1000 milligrams of Turmeric powder. 1000 milligrams is equal to 1 gram.  In other words, the amount of curcumin in turmeric powder is very low to be effective. The other weight of the turmeric is made up of other nutrients which do not relieve inflammation.

So if you are taking raw Turmeric powder or some supplement with the wrong composition and complaining that you are not getting relief then it is because you are not doing it right.

This is why I recommend that you should opt for a supplement which has Curcumin extracted from Turmeric. Ideally, 95% of the pill should be made up of curcumin. That means the supplement you have taken in orally has a big part of the filtered Curcumin from Turmeric powder. So whatever the size of dosage is, it must have a big chunk of anti-inflammatory called curcumin in it.

But it does not end here, the Curcumin extracted from turmeric powder is still not useful unless it is given the ideal molecular packaging required by the body for optimized absorption.


The turmeric supplement pill you take in which has a big chunk of anti-inflammatory curcumin in it can not reach the affected part of the body. Because it is not in a suitable packaging to be absorbed by the gut and transmitted to the affected part of the body.

Therefore, if Curcumin is to be absorbed by the body then it has to be given an environment referred to as Bioavailability in technical terms to reach the affected area after absorption.

The molecular packaging in which body happily absorbs curcumin comes in the form of an alkaloid called  Piperine/Bioperine which is found in the black pepper. So if you take a pill which has 95% of Curcumin and assisted by 5% of Piperine/Bioperine then you can increase the absorption of Curcumin in the gut by 1800% – 2000%.

This mixture of both compounds creates a molecule that has far more absorbability then simply grounded turmeric or 100% extracted curcumin. If you do not take Bioperine then a big percentage of the curcumin would be excreted out from the body.

So Here is the Summary:

Grounded Raw Powder                                            Incorrect form – Ineffective – Needs High Dosage

Extracted Curcumin                                                  Incorrect form – Ineffective – Needs High Dosage

Extracted Curcumin + Piperine/Bioperine            Correct form – Very Effective – Needs low Dosage

Now that you are aware of what should be the right composition of the Turmeric powder you are taking in as an anti-inflammatory drug only now we can understand and answer the question correctly that how much turmeric per day for inflammation is right.


Now as we know the three forms of turmeric dosages available. We can look into how much of these would be enough.


If you are taking ground turmeric powder then start off with 1 tbsp and then gradually add more to your routine after few weeks. After a month you can have 2-3 tbsp per day in different timings. But do note that this arrangement may not give you the desired results. As not only the curcumin is low but also the absorption is also very poor.


Ideally, 400-500 milligrams of turmeric pills can be taken 3 times a day which does not have Bioperine in it. But I recommend that you start off by taking 1 pill per day in the beginning for few weeks. You may observe that your stomach may get upset but as your body gets more familiarised with the Pill you can increase the dosage by adding another pill.
So after a month use, you should be taking 3 pills a day of 400-500 milligrams.


However, if you are using this recommended Supplement because it has piperine/bioperine or the bioavailability environment for curcumin to be absorbed in your gut then take 1 Pill per day and add another after a month. So you should be taking in 2 pills per day of Science Natural Supplements’ Turmeric Formula.

At max, you should take 2 pills of this recommended supplement.


If you have Osteoarthritis then depending on the severity start off with just one pill and as your stomach gets adjusted with the pill then add another pill. Make sure that you take the pills with a meal. As your body gets adjusted you will soon observe improvement as the inflammation causing NF-KB, Chemokines and Cyclooxygenase will be suppressed by turmeric’s curcumin taken in right way.


The recommendation of dosage for Rheumatoid Arthritis inflammation is also the same. Start off by taking in one pill and add another pill as your body feels adjusted to it.



There are quite two main reasons why I recommend Turmeric Formula Supplements.

a) The raw ground supplement you take in has very low anti-inflammatory ingredient in it. Let’s say you have 500 milligrams of Turmeric powder in your spoon. This powder will have only 10-12 milligrams of the curcumin which is the actual compound that will relieve the inflammation. So rest of the approximately 490-milligram turmeric powder is not going to help. Therefore, you need filtered turmeric powder which has more than 90% curcumin in it.

b) Out of the 10-12 milligrams of curcumin in the spoon, only 2-3 milligram will be absorbed the body because the bioavailability environment is only created in the body by the presence of alkaloids such as Bioperine/Piperine. Therefore, the efficiency gets further reduced to a negligible percentage because already low 10-12 milligrams curcumin is not absorbed by the body.

This is why I recommend these two Supplements because they increase the Absorbability to a very high amount that will create the difference. This bioavailability is either missing or wrongly mentioned in the shady advertisement of other turmeric supplements.
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Although when turmeric supplement is taken according to label’s direction is safe. If the patient is diabetic then it should be known that turmeric lowers blood sugar level. Also in case the patient is pregnant or has gallstones or bile duct dysfunction or some liver disease or is using some blood thinner then contact your physician before using turmeric products.