How to Change The Weight of a Pool Cue

By Asad | 9 months ago

Weight of pool cue matters. A good player knows what weight is comfortable to play with. Invest in an adjustable weight pool cue because it can help you increase or decrease the weight of the pool cue. The weight can change the way the cue ball acts after impact.

A good player will have a good technique and an increase in the weight of the cue will bring positive results. For those who are inexperienced, increasing the weight of the cue stick can decrease the forgiving quality of the stick. Apart from tip size the weight of the cue still also contributes on the quantity of the angular and linear momentum transferred on to the ball.

How to Change Cue Weight

1. Is it Adjustable Weight Cue

The first thing to do is to check whether the cue stick is adjustable in terms of weight or not. Most modern cue sticks are coming with adjustable weight options so if you have bought the stick from a good manufacturer then it is very likely that you own an adjustable weight pool cue.

The way to figure that out is by simply check the butt end of the cue or google the model of the cue stick or check the manufacturer website. If the weight is adjustable then the butt will be either rotateable or will have an open slot to unscrew and open up the butt.

2. What is the Weight of the stick

After you are sure that the stick weight can be changed then its time to measure the weight of the cue. You need to know where you are at from a weight perspective. Weighing the stick can tell you where you are from starting 19 ounces.

At this point make sure you know how much weight you want to add or decrease from the stick.

3. Unscrew The Butt

Depending on the manufacturers, the way the butt can be opened can vary. The best way is to check with the manufacturer manual first, some are straight forward to open while the others may require you to buy the manufacturer designed opening tool. For example, McDermott has its own tools to unscrew the butt.

4. Weigh the Weights

If you are dealing with bolts, then unscrew them and weigh them on a weighing machine. It will give you the idea of how much weight is contribute by the screws. Replace them with your desired weight of the screws.

5. Weigh Again

After you are done replacing the screws or adding the weight depending on the way manufacturer has designed the adjustable weight part, you should again measure the weight of the pool cue.

Play with this new weight and experience for yourself if you feel more comfortable in playing the game or you need to readjust the weight.


As I mentioned in the beginning of the article that it is not just cue tip but also the weight of the cue that contribute how much forgiving your cue will be.

When a heavier cue htis the unintended spot on the cue ball more unrequired momentum will be transferred on to the cue ball than with a lighter cue. So it is very important that you know what level of expertise you have with your game. You should even check if you are holding the pool cue properly before going for a weight change.

For seasoned players, increase in weight can add more stability in the shot because they have more control over the spin or the angular momentum on the cue ball. If you are started I would suggest that you stay in the league of 19-20 ounce because it helps to make the cue stick more forgiving.

We all miscue and a lighter stick is more forgiving than a heavier one.