The Weird Gift Meant To Help You Steal Food From Holiday Gatherings

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

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Today was a glorious day! It was the Winter Solstice, The Day of the Christmas Angel, and the very day that Hefty launched a practical, useful, and stylish snack scarf. Yes, that’s Hefty, the make of the bags. If you didn’t get in on Olive Garden’s pajamas or Hot Pocket’s cargo shorts, this was your day to make things right in your life. 

According to Food & Wine, Hefty launched a Snack Scarf today, on December 21. Snack Scarf?! Ever been to a holiday party and enjoyed the food and thought, “hmmmm this would be great later tonight when I’m hanging out on my couch.” or “You know, this sausage would be delicious in some eggs tomorrow morning.”? Well if you have, you know the desire to sneak some food home is strong. Sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from smuggling a couple of extra pigs in a blanket. 

snack scarf
Hefty Snack Scarf
Source: Hefty

So, that’s where the Hefty Snack Scarf comes in. Complete with hidden pockets when you’re at the charcuterie board and can’t get enough prosciutto or brie, it’s designed to stash some food for later enjoyment. Stealing?! Not if the family dog doesn’t catch you on the way out.

Perhaps the coolest parts of the Snack Scarf are the slider baggies that line the pockets so you can keep your food fresh and neat for when you’re home, or in the car. The Snack Scarf comes in two sizes, quart, and gallon so even if you want to take home a bunch of little Tastycake snack cakes, you might not be caught by that pesky family dog. 

Hefty wants you to stock up on the snack tray so badly they’re selling the Snack Scarf is selling for only $2.78 which happens to be the exact same price as its slider bags. What a coincidence! But, they are extremely limited and more than likely will sell out within minutes. But, now you have a great idea and make your own! Grab an old scarf, add some pockets and line them with Hefty snack bags. Bam, your own original snack scarf! Brand it with your own initials to add some extra flair. Or make one as a gift. Original and useful. 

The Hefty Snack Scarf is just another example of a brand finding interesting ways of standing out and making a product that reminds people of their main company. McDonald’s just launched a video game chair that heats so you can keep your food warm while you play your game. 

If you’re wondering where smuggling food falls on the etiquette scale, it’s pretty much a no-no. Taking other people’s food home when it hasn’t been offered is considered rude according to etiquette experts. 
So, next time you’re at a party and need to top off your Little Debbie ice cream dessert with a cookie or two but don’t feel like asking for them, weigh your next move carefully. How badly do you need that extra food? If we’re talking about little quiches it may be worth it. Sugar cookies, probably not.