Best Gadgets For The Home Office On Amazon

By Rick Gonzales | 6 months ago

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If there is one thing that has turned into a positive during the “2-week flatten the curve” phase of the COVID pandemic to the “2-year flatten the curve mandates” phase is that many of us now know how to professionally set up a home office.

Some may call the process boring, but when you truly look at it, it should be more exciting than anything else. How many times have you gone into the work office only to not like your desk, your office chair, your computer screen or keyboard, or your computer display? Work doesn’t allow for much change, you have to make sure whatever accessories you bring in, from family pictures to calendars, meet everyone’s expectations of taste. Music? You may as well forget it. Don’t you dare turn up that Meat Loaf song.

But with your home office, there is nothing that limits you other than your pocketbook. Whatever you may desire in your home office is how it shall be. Some of the gadgets are necessary while some are probably not. But again, it is your office, in your own home, rock and roll to your heart’s content.

Although we are a good two years into the pandemic and most of you have probably gotten a good start on your home office, we thought with the Christmas holiday right around the corner, there may be an item or two you may need to complete your home office ensemble. Maybe you know someone who could use an office gadget.

Our list will be filled with needs and wants. Some items you’ll definitely need for your home office if you don’t already have them, and others will be those considered “nice” additions. Our suggestions will include items that are some of the best-reviewed on Amazon.


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WHY WE LIKE IT – We are not sure if this is more of a like or a need for the home office. Definitely a need. The big key here with both the Logitech and Macally is that they are wireless keyboards.

Logitech’s wireless keyboard is a great one to have. With its connectivity, you can type on your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. You can also type on up to three devices at one time by switching between devices with the touch of a button. The keyboard is full-sized and has an integrated phone and tablet stand. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

While Logitech’s wireless keyboard is compatible with different operating systems, the Macally is designed with Apple in mind. It does allow for connection with three separate devices, but all devices must be Apple products.

The keyboard is full-size and offers a comfortable touch. It is also rechargeable, and the keyboard has 21 preset shortcut buttons.

PRICE – $59.99 for Logitech on Amazon. $49.99 for Macally on Amazon.


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WHY WE LIKE IT – Just like the above wireless keyboards, Logitech’s wireless mouse can be considered more of a need than anything. Some of you like the action a laptop touchpad offers, but there are plenty who still prefer the grip of a mouse.

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Logitech’s Anywhere 3 is a bit on the pricy side, but it is certainly a worthy home office gadget. Pair it directly to your laptop or desktop, the Anywhere 3 offers precision, speed, and silence. You won’t need a mouse pad for this mouse as it will track anywhere, even glass.

It has quick charging and stays powered up for a remarkable 70 days on one charge. This particular mouse is designed with Mac in mind, but it also has a counterpart for Windows.

PRICE – $79.99 on Amazon.


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WHY WE LIKE IT – Who likes to keep a sloppy desk, whether it is in your home office or work office? The Office Oasis will be able to help you organize the little things that can take up space.

The organizer comes with a magnetic base and six adjustable compartments. You can hold pens and pencils, scissors, erasers, paper clips, sticky notes, and even have space for your cell phone. Your home office will no longer have that cluttered appearance and finding specific items that much easier.

PRICE – $29.95 on Amazon.


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WHY WE LIKE IT – Even those long days sitting can cause your feet to ache. Take care of the pain with Everlasting’s footrest. Made with memory foam, just slide it under your home office desk and let the footrest do its thing.

The footrest will promote optimal circulation as well as encourage proper body alignment, so not only do your feet get relief, so does the rest of your body. This is a no-brainer gadget for your home office.

PRICE – $34.95 on Amazon.


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WHY WE LIKE IT – Just how many devices do you have in your home office? Well, if the number is “plenty” then the Hiearcool docking station is the remedy.

The docking port is an 11-in-1 design that will allow you connection to upwards of three monitors, one with a VGA connection and two with HDMI. You will also be able to connect to the internet with the ethernet port. The docking station has 2 USB-C ports, 2 4K HDMI ports, a USB-C female wire, as well as an SD card slot.

PRICE – $79.99 on Amazon.


WHY WE LIKE IT – Crank it up! We know that some of you work best when inspired by some music in the background. Why not make it happen with these great Edifier Bluetooth Speakers.

This pair will look amazing in your home office and sound even better when you put on your favorite tunes. If music is overstimulation, perhaps a good podcast is better suited for you. Either way, you’ll get a great sound out of these speakers.

PRICE – $149.99 on Amazon.


WHY WE LIKE IT – One of the many things we had to get used to after we started working full-time at home was taking Zoom meetings. Some feel uncomfortable on camera, so it took a little pre-planning before the camera turned on.

Now that we are a little more accustomed to our close-up, you may wish to upgrade that webcam of yours. Razer Kiyo has a great option. The camera has 1080p capabilities and also comes equipped with a ring light that has three different light levels. Another home office gadget worth thinking about.

PRICE – $69.99 on Amazon.


We know that some of the above suggestions you may already have. That doesn’t mean, though, you aren’t ready for an upgrade.

We’ve talked about office chairs in the past, those are some of the things you should never skimp on. We have also talked about standing desks, a consideration for those who have long office hours. The above can also make your home office life much simpler and more you.