The Best Budget-Friendly Workout Products

Get fit for less money with the best budget-friendly workout products.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

budget-friendly workout

Working out and staying active are essential components to living a healthy lifestyle. However, signing up for an expensive gym membership or purchasing large, costly exercise equipment are not practical options for every person. Additionally, if you happen to live in a place where the weather isn’t always conducive for you to go for a walk or a run outside, then getting in your steps and upping your heart rate for at least 20 minutes per day can get pretty difficult. This is where budget-friendly workout products come in.

Equipping yourself with some budget-friendly workout products that you can use in your home is a solution for both keeping your body healthy and ensuring your finances stay in check. Believe it or not, there are loads of cost-effective exercise tools on the market that facilitate workouts just as rigorous and effective as the high-end machines you would find at a gym. However, with so many options to pick from it can be hard to determine where to begin your search. This is why we compiled a list of the best budget-friendly products to kick your at-home workout into high gear.


budget-friendly workout

WHY THEY’RE THE BEST – Purchasing a pair or a set of Rogue Resistance Bands can really help to level up your workout without siphoning a whole lot of cash out of your bank account. Resistance bands serve the same purpose as weights do, they ask your muscles to do more to complete an exercise. This essentially matches the difficulty of what introducing a weight to a certain routine would do. 

The Rogue Tube Bands come in six-different color-coded options that offer varying levels of resistance. This is ideal for picking the ones that best match the stage you are at in your own training. The tube bands are a particularly nice choice because they are outfitted with handles on either end so you never have to worry about losing your grip even if you get sweaty. 

PRICE Starting at $22.00 for a pair, $36.50 for a light package, $45.00 for a heavy package, and $75.00 for a complete package at Rogue Fitness


WHY IT’S THE BEST – Using a jump rope is a great way to get in some cardio when you don’t have access to a treadmill or can’t run outdoors. Jump roping for just 10 minutes a day is the equivalent of 30 minutes spent jogging. That makes jump roping especially ideal if you have a jam-packed schedule with little time to yourself. 

In terms of jump ropes, there really is no better to choose than Crossrope’s Get Lean Jump Rope. Crossrope has curated its Get Lean Jump Rope with a kind of versatility and ease of use that is unmatched by any other jump rope on the market. Crossrope’s trademarked fast-clip feature allows you to seamlessly and swiftly switch the handles between different weighted jump ropes. This is ideal for scaling up or lessening how intense your workout is.

Also, the ropes themselves come in different sizes in order to offer the perfect length for every person. What’s more, is that the ropes are made of a tangle-free material. And there is an accompanying app pre-loaded with well over 1,000 workouts so you can get jumping whenever the mood strikes you.

PRICE – $119 at Crossrope


WHY IT’S THE BEST – This budget-friendly yoga mat is perfect for use while practicing yoga, but it also works great as extra support for a variety of other floor exercises as well. For instance, this yoga mat would work great for pilates, core workouts, and even HIIT workouts with exercises that necessitate you to utilize floor space. And the extra-thick non-slip characteristics make this mat ideal for one who needs extra support for their joints. It also works great for small spaces or for taking on the go as it comes with its own carry bag which makes it ideal for storing away and makes it all the more convenient to bring along with you. The mat comes in 6 different two-toned color options to choose from, too. 

PRICE – $36.99 on Amazon


budget-friendly workout

WHY IT’S THE BEST – This dumbbell set from Amazon Basics is both compact and affordable which makes it one of the best budget-friendly workout products to invest in. The set comes with three pairs of weights ranging from 3 lbs. to 8 lbs. The weight variance is perfectly suited for those who are just starting out, as well as more seasoned pros who are looking to amp up the difficulty in their regular routines. For instance, adding weights to any HIIT workout significantly increases the intensity level. The dumbbell set is also compact enough to keep in small spaces, making it an ideal choice for apartment dwellers. 

PRICE – $48.74 on Amazon


WHY IT’S THE BEST – The Jaxjox Kettlebell is on the higher end of our budget-friendly workout products, but it is one that we chose for good reason. This is because it is a smart device and you can adjust this singular kettlebell to weigh between 12 and 42 lbs. This is perfect for those who enjoy strength training and need to have the flexibility of using multiple kettlebells in their workout space at home. What’s more, is that since this kettlebell is a smart device there is app connectivity that provides the user with guided workouts and real-time performance tracking. We can not think of a more compact or innovative way to bring what you would have at the gym inside your home. And it still costs only a fraction of the price of what a piece of full-size exercise equipment does, which still makes this product a win for your wallet.

PRICE – $249 at JaxJox


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Having a space-saving arsenal of home workout products has never been more cost-effective. Even splurging for multiple of the budget-friendly workout items that we recommended at once should still leave your wallet with plenty of cushion. So don’t dawdle any longer, grab yourself a jump rope, dumbbell set, or whatever else suits your fancy so you can get up, get active, and get fit!