Walmart Rolling Out New Payment Feature That Does Away With The Traditional Checkout

Walmart is implementing a "buy now" feature that will speed up the checkout process for its customers

By Trista Sobeck | Published

Walmart is truly having a fabulous year and is poised to make 2023 pivotal. With many features evolving for the brand, Walmart is becoming hip, fun, and even convenient. Although it won’t accept an online payment platform anytime soon, it is keeping the price of groceries low while trying to elevate the clientele with upscale lingerie. And there are more changes to come.

According to The Sun, Walmart is unveiling a brand new method of paying for something that allows customers to completely bypass a line or a traditional method of checking out. Walmart will soon start to resemble Amazon with a buy now feature while shopping online. 

Customers will enjoy (almost) instant satisfaction as they can activate the buy now feature and bypass all other processes. With one click, a purchase is completed by bypassing a shopping cart. 

Although this strongly resembles Amazon buying behavior, it is innovative because of Walmart’s strong brand presence and leader in the savings category. Walmart is still one of the least expensive places to purchase groceries and the buy now feature will make grocery shopping that much easier. 

Walmart is rolling this feature out just in time for the holiday season. As Black Friday approaches, shoppers won’t have to stress about wild and aggressive shopping, as consumers can line up in a virtual queue before a product goes on sale and can even see how many people have been viewing it. 

This way, buyers will have an idea of how quickly they should press the buy now button and simply bypass dealing with credit card numbers or any other types of info. One button does it all! However, this holiday season, there is a lot to be said about actually entering a Walmart.

Walmart is teaming up with Netflix this year to host a Netflix Hub where shoppers can purchase items from the Netflix shows like the runaway hit, Stranger Things. It is unknown at this time if online shoppers can grab items from the Netflix Hub using the buy now feature. 

While the Netflix Hub is an example of experiential shopping, the buy now button is an example of convenience shopping. So even if The Netflix Hub is available online, it may not be as successful as it is for in-person shoppers. 

Walmart is a brand leader when it comes to understanding the audience, as well as the wants and needs of its customer base. The buy now button gives their buyers a chance to buy low and without delay, while they grow and evolve into a brand that is sought after. 

Fans should know though that Walmart has been through many struggles before it became the star it is today. From failing and losing about a billion dollars in Germany, to introducing a new higher-end lingerie line to court new customers, Walmart has tried it all.

So, we’ll have to wait and see what other tricks the brand has up its sleeve. After all, Walmart is the largest retail company in the world by revenue. And it’s only getting bigger.