Why Walmart Refuses To Accept Apple Pay

Walmart is refusing to accept Apple Pay because don't want NFC technology used in stores and are pushing shoppers to use Walmart Pay

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

Walmart is one of the last bastions to stand tall against Apple.  The big box retailer refuses to accept Apple pay at its checkouts and has no plans of using it. Fans across the country are trying to get Walmart to use it, but to no avail.

According to MacRumors, Walmart is against Apple pay and any NFC technology. Instead, the store requests that if its customers want to pay via technology or through touchless methods, it use Walmart Pay. 

Walmart Pay is an app in which users can get coupons and allows the company to track buying habits while the retailer can avoid fees. A credit card is stored in the app and upon checkout, users simply scan the QR code to pay. 

The company is pushing back on Apple Pay and other mobile wallets saying that it has even implemented a “scan and go” at some Sam’s Clubs and for Walmart+ members. Users have their items scanned as they leave the store. No need for payment at the time of purchase at all. You just simply get a charge to your credit card.

However, Apple Pay is arguably incredibly convenient and is used by those with iPhones for many day-to-day purchases. Critics say they do not need or want, to download yet another app. In addition, Apple Pay has implemented a “buy now, pay later” feature which is especially handy for dealing with large payments. Even Pay Pal is worried. 

Walmart is eyeing its competition and is now trying to cater to those with a more upscale buying habit. It’s typically been known for deep discounts and has even been the laughingstock of the internet at times. However, for prices sometimes Walmart cannot be beat. 

Walmart is now eyeing luxurious sleepwear and intimate apparel by adding the brand, Joyspun to its collection. The big box retailer sees another type of shopper appearing in its stores and wants to cater to them.

Customers who have a little more buying power are starting to show up at Walmart because they too need to save where they can. As these new customers make recurring trips to Walmart, they will tend to reach out and buy something else, other than groceries. 

The company is also banking on intimate apparel. Will this change in audience affect the retailer’s choice to stay away from Apple Pay? Chances are high since those with an iPhone tend to be those consumers who are savvy at making more higher transactions. 

This means they know what they like and they are going to get it no matter what. Apple demands fans. Walmart doesn’t. So, it comes down to catering to those who love Apple or those who love a discount. 

As Walmart caters to those with higher spending power, the demands for Apple Pay implementation may become louder.

Millions of folks across the country and Canada are pro-Walmart and believe that when you track what happens at Walmart, you track an incoming recession.  In fact, economists have been tracking layoffs at Walmart across the nation as we gear up for some national financial trouble. However, Walmart appears to just be restructuring to keep up with how people shop