Walmart Is Laying Off Nearly All Its Workers At Once In One Location

As part of a company restructuring plan, nearly 1,500 Walmart employees at a fulfillment center based in Atlanta, Georgia will be laid off.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

As Walmart continues making adjustments to the structure of its business plan, the e-commerce-based company has announced it will let go of nearly 1,500 employees by the beginning of December. The employees will all be laid off from one specific fulfillment center in Atlanta, Georgia. This may come at a bad time for all the employees with the holidays quickly approaching, but the company is doing this to ensure their future. 

A recent blog post published by the Senior Vice President, Karisa Sprague, breaks down and shares details of just how they are developing their fulfillment network for the future. Essentially, the Senior VP says that Walmart is making necessary adjustments to provide the highest level of customer service that they can, as well as also doing the best by their employees. She goes on the mention that evolution is essential as times change. 

Walmarts Warehouse Fulfillment Service is changing for a number of reasons and with one goal in mind, to keep prices as low as possible for consumers. The new structure that Walmart is implementing at its Atlanta-based fulfillment center, will include both people and advanced robotic technology to meet fulfillment needs. Additionally, Walmart is opening up way for third parties to utilize what they are calling “world-class supply chain capabilities.”

With the Atlanta-based fulfillment center being converted, the staff required to run the facility has changed. Everything is being updated and adjusted within the Walmart fulfillment center as the company steps toward the future. The fulfillment center will be completely turned around in the way it processes and operates. 

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All these changes and the implementation of new modern technologies decrease the need for so many workers in the Atlanta Walmart fulfillment center. The conversion plan is structured to take place over the next three years. All the changes will be available to third-party sellers grow as they utilize the Walmart fulfillment service.

 Just a few short months ago, Walmart announced a huge layoff within the corporate sector of the company. All of this is part of the continuous evolution process of the company to continue to ensure its place in the future as a top retailer. With so many layoffs and changes happening, what could this possibly mean for Walmart employees?

Despite layoffs happening throughout the company,  Walmart still says that it is a great place to start and build a career. With the transformation of the Atlanta fulfillment center, the company ensures that its employees will be the ones leading the race in technology, transforming the name of the game. This change gives their employees access to advanced training and educational opportunities,

With the use of robotics and modern technology being implemented in the Atlanta-based fulfillment center and eventual implementation across the board, self-checkout stations installed in stores across the United States, and corporate positions being cut, Walmart associates might differ in opinion of the company being a great place to grow a career. While the company is ensuring its future, it might truly take time to consider the future of its employees.