There’s One Type Of Food That’s Actually Going Down In Price 

Food prices have been rising consistently, but fruit prices have actually been on the decline.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

food price

Worldwide inflation is at an all-time high, leaving millions scrambling to make ends meet. This may soon change as consumers can look forward to a decrease in fruit prices. While it may not be much, a slight decrease in food prices is still something that people everywhere can look forward to.

Some fruits are expected to drop in price as they have benefited from an extended amount of sunshine. Strawberries and blueberry crops are some of the fruits that you can expect to see a slight price decrease. While other crops have practically been destroyed by the extra amount of sun, others have thrived and it will reflect in the food price.

In recent months, food prices have hit a record high. In some cases, certain items have doubled in price, leaving people to wonder how they can afford to put food on the table. People everywhere have been affected by the surge in grocery prices and current economic status.

Events around the world have left the world economy in a bad position and thus, impacting millions of people in a number of ways. While this is not an ideal spot for consumers to be in, there are small slivers of hope.  Some food prices are expected to continue to increase slightly or possibly stay the same, while others are projected to decrease.

Since the start of the pandemic, the world has been left scrambling to meet the needs of its consumers. Disruption in the supply chain and record high numbers for shipping costs, imported goods, and other items, have triggered a global surge in food prices and prices in all sectors have consistently and significantly been on the rise. 

To add to things, the tragic war in Ukraine has also caused a break in the supply chain and triggered a spike in food prices. This has added to the disruption of the economy, further adding a reason for the increase in price for many goods. Ukraine was a supplier of many pantry staples and contributed to the economy of the world as an exporter of essential items. 

Other world events are also contributing to the current economic status in a negative way. There have been droughts in some parts of the world and floods in other parts. We have experienced hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Some of these events were man-made, like the war in Ukraine, but others were simply out of our hands as we are at the will of Mother Nature. All of these things combined have made a major impact on the economy and have caused a surge in food prices across the board. 

While a slight decrease in fruit might not seem like enough to lessen the burden of such a heavy economic load, it can certainly leave consumers with hope. Access to fresh, healthy food, at a decreased price, is something that can certainly be celebrated. This can also spark hope as customers can look forward to other foods decreasing in price