Shake Shack Adding Ultra-High-End Food Item To Its Menus

Shake Shack is adding three new burger options topped with white truffle sauce.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

shake shack

When it comes to fast food, there are so many options available at a click of a button. But in an effort to differentiate itself, Shake Shack is going high-market, which will elate some of its hard-core fans.

If you are a foodie and one; have come to the realization that truffles are everywhere and two; are sick of them being on every dish, then this may not be the article for you. On the 10th of February, Shake Shack is introducing three new items to its menu for a limited time.

Only two years ago, the east-coast-based fast food restaurant added black truffles to its menus, but as truffles have only gained in popularity since, they have brought them back. But instead of the black truffles, they have selected the ever illusive white truffle as the star ingredient in their new additions.

To understand just how exclusive white truffles are, for two or three small ones, it could cost at least $300. The reason that they are so expensive is that they only grow during a select time every year. White truffles are much harder to find than their black truffle family member. They are found mainly in the roots of hardwood trees in Northern Italy, so as they are exported, that adds to the exclusivity but also their price.

This new addition consists of a burger, a meat-free option, and of course, fries. So let’s start with Shake Shack’s fancy new high-end burger, which is cooked in white truffle oil. The burger will also be topped with fontina cheese, which is also from Italy, white truffle sauce, and fried onions. So if you are not a fan of truffles, these new additions may be too much for you but other than that, they sound amazing.

The vegetarian option is a mushroom burger consisting of a fried Portobello mushroom with white truffle sauce. This is topped with both muenster and cheddar cheeses instead of fontina cheese, like Shake Shack’s newest burger. It is nice to have a vegetarian option that sounds as nice as its meat-filled counterpart. Well done, Shake Shack.

The last new addition comes in the shape of fries, not just any fries, you guessed it; fries with parmesan cheese and white truffle sauce on top.

So what will it cost customers to eat this white truffle fest? To people’s surprise, not that much. The burgers start at a reasonable $8.99, and the fries at $4.69. It is rare that such an exclusive meal can be found at such affordable prices. Due to these bargains, Shake Shack should expect a flurry of more high-market customers to try their new additions.

So if this sounds like something that you may be interested in, you can unlock the offers even sooner than their launch date. If you download the Shack Shack app, you can access their new white truffle meals two days earlier on the 8th of February. So if you are looking for something high-end instead of your weekend takeaway treat, this might be right up your alley. Bon Appetite!