McDonald’s Introduces Brand New Burger, But Only In One Place

By Charlene Badasie | Published


McDonald’s is launching a new burger in Canada called the Carolina BBQ Quarter Pounder. The limited-edition meal features a quarter-pound beef patty, topped with sweet and tangy golden Carolina BBQ sauce. It also includes hickory-smoked bacon strips, crispy onions, pickles, and two slices of processed cheddar cheese served on a toasted sesame bun, the eatery website says.

The product will be available until January 3, 2023. While the McDonald’s Carolina BBQ Quarter Pounder is only available across the border, the burger may be introduced in the United States soon. The fast food giant often tests new menu items in Canada and the United Kingdom before introducing them to customers at home.

However, McDonald’s has launched some new food items, especially for American customers. In November, the eatery added upgraded takes on its Quarter Pounder and Oreo McFlurry to the menu. The Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Oreo Fudge McFlurry brings foodies a smoky meets sweet, bacon meets chocolate taste sensation.

The McDonald’s Smoky BLT stays true to the original burger with a 100% fresh beef quarter-pound patty, topped with two slices of cheese. It also features thick-cut Applewood Smoked bacon, fresh Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce and smoky sauce served on a toasted sesame seed bun for a savory finish, All Recipes reports. Folks can upsize their order with a Double Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which includes two hamburger patties.

For dessert lovers, the McDonald’s Oreo Fudge McFlurry adds a delicious hot fudge twist to the iconic drink. It blends the outlet’s classic, creamy vanilla soft serve with hot fudge topping and Oreo cookie pieces. The holiday season menu items are available at participating restaurants nationwide for a limited time, while stocks last. While the new additions have been dubbed as the “combo of the season,” they can be purchased together or separately.

Meanwhile, a McDonald’s location in Poland recently gave its store a winter makeover by covering the interior and exterior in wool. A video, showcasing the new look, shows large knitted threads in green, pink, yellow, and black covering the building. The inside is also wrapped up in the same gear. According to Indian Express, the unconventional décor aims to promote the restaurant’s winter menu.

This includes the return of a sandwich called Burger Drwala or Lumberjack which is exclusively available at McDonald’s Poland during the winter months. Speaking about the makeover, franchise owner Andrzej Maziarz said it is a really great honor for the restaurant. “I am proud and happy that this place in Ustron, Poland can please the eye not only of the inhabitants but also of all tourists,” he said via NDTV Food.

To create the cozy winter look, approximately 50 McDonald’s staffers work with the wool for five months. It took another 28 days to decorate the store. But their efforts were not for nothing. The eatery’s new look caused a stir in Poland, attracting customers from outside the city. It also gained global attention due to social media posts and was even used to shoot a restaurant commercial.