The Unbelievable Reason Why You Should Visit A McDonald’s Restroom To Clean Your Smartphone

Mcdonald's restrooms in Japan now feature the new sustainable handwashing system called WOSH, which conveniently includes a slot to sterilize smartphones while individuals wash their hands.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

 McDonald’s, while world-renowned for its Big Mac and various other fast food products, it is not known for its restroom hygiene, that is, until now. For people that actually go to Mcdonalds’ restrooms now, it is always the product for families with children and high footfall, making them a place of low cleanliness. But Mcdonald’s has now changed that. They have introduced a new sustainable handwashing stand called WOSH and it turns out it’s also ideal for cleaning smartphones.

It seems like McDonald’s has taken saving the earth to a new level with its fresh restroom set-up. It is a highly creative restroom sink with a feature for the Gen-Z out there. A slot for your smartphone while you wash your hands. It keeps the phone clean and stops it from going near any water. It also promises 99.9% sterilization due to ultraviolet light within the slit.

Since smartphones are one of the top items with a high level of germs, people should rejoice at the chance to sterilize it at least once a day. But, before anyone gets too excited about this new feature, it will only be available in the McDonald’s restrooms in Japan.

The WOSH restroom basin reuses 98% of the water used and prompts the user to wash their hands for at least thirty seconds. This prompt is started when a ring of light appears to ensure the user washes their hands for the correct amount of time to maintain a high level of hygiene.

It is an excellent way for customers to start using their restaurants again and be surprised with something a little extra in their restrooms.

McDonald’s restrooms in their restaurants becoming sustainable is not surprising for Mcdonald’s as they are one of the major companies involved in COP27 in Egypt. It is a global meeting involving governments and multinational companies who come together to discuss climate change and the parameters needed to combat it. McDonald’s has also pledged to become a part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, which requires them to buy their produce from farmers that use regenerative farming rather than traditional farming methods that cause harm to the planet.

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While sustainable practices should be implemented in every McDonald’s restroom worldwide, the smartphone holder/sterilizer may not be such a hit in America. Thinking practically, how can the holder be sterile if everything else around it is not? Also, if the McDonald’s staff cannot keep their restrooms at a standard now, it probably won’t change because of a new restroom fad.

Also, do they even want customers back in their restaurants here as the drive-thru has become the preferred option to receive a McDonald’s in America, and it involves a lot less staff to run than the entire restaurant.

The smartphone holder within a McDonald’s restroom sink seems like the perfect thing that would become normal in Japan, as they love gadgets for basically everything. Having something like that in America would keep people interested for the first month then the novelty would die off. Perhaps that is why it isn’t launching here. But the idea of a sustainable restroom is a great one by McDonald’s and should be replicated in more restaurants.