How You Can Get A Cheeseburger For 50 Cents At McDonald’s

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

mcdonald’s mobile app

 McDonald’s continues to roll out the deals for its loyal customers who use the McDonald’s mobile app. This time around, customers who order through the mobile app can receive hamburgers for just 50 cents. The deals through the mobile app don’t stop at cheap hamburgers, though!

For those who use the McDonald’s mobile app, the deals and rewards are seemingly endless. The long-time fast food chain is constantly rolling out deals to entice customers to come back as if the hot, salty fries weren’t enough! If, for some reason, you don’t have the app downloaded, now is the time to install it. 

Currently, as an exclusive offer through the McDonald’s mobile app, customers have access to hamburgers for a low price of 50 cents. This promotion started a few days ago and is set to run for three weeks. The company is working to bring more customers to its mobile app, and this is just one of the ways they are doing that. 

In addition to burgers that cost only two quarters, customers who order through the mobile app have a chance to win free McDonald’s for life for not only themselves but an additional three friends. That is an offer of a lifetime, literally. Customers are entered to win this fantastic offer with every order through the mobile app. 

Can you imagine ordering a 50-cent hamburger through the McDonald’s mobile app and then winning free McDonald’s for life? All those times when your mom asked, “Do you have McDonald’s money?” As you asked for McDonald’s on the way home from school would no longer matter. 

If those deals weren’t enticing enough, customers also have access to exclusive merchandise through the McDonald’s mobile app. The company is doing everything it can to gain loyal customers, who return again and again. Currently, there are 25 million active members who are part of the McDonald’s loyalty program. 

These 25 million customers are people who have been active on the McDonald’s mobile app for a significant period of time. The company is constantly adding new deals and changing things up through its app. You can find deals like free fries, discounts, and many exclusive offers throughout the year. 

Customers who order through the McDonald’s mobile app may soon get to pick up their food at a faster rate. A new McDonald’s drive-thru model was recently opened at a location in Ft. Worth, Texas. The model features a lane that is designated just for customers who order through the mobile app. 

McDonald’s mobile app customers would have the ability to have their food delivered to them by a conveyor belt. This offers less person-to-person contact and a more efficient pick-up experience for customers. Picking up your 50-cent hamburger just got a whole lot easier. 

Downloading and using the McDonald’s mobile app is a simple and easy process. From your mobile app store, you download the app for free. Once the app is downloaded, you would then need to sign up, giving yourself to the many deals and exclusive offers.