Are Invicta Watches Good

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You might have the question in mind that are Invicta watches good for collection? That depends on what perspective you are thinking. If you have an entry-level watch comparison in your mind then yes Invicta is a good watch brand. If you are comparing a $200 Invicta’s watch to a $5000 Rolex or Omega then the comparison is wrong and Invicta cannot match that quality.

So if you compare Invicta within its own league then Invicta can compete and has the ability to win.



Being an entry-level brand Invicta’s reputation is sometimes considered shady for copying designs from other brands especially Rolex. But actually that is what most of the brands do, more or less all of the watches are inspired from one another in some way.

Invicta does not invest much into its marketing that is why there is not much out there to counter the hate that has been done lately on the brand.

Truth About Invicta Watches

The most common technique is the perception created by companies by their fancy names and big price tags that automatically convince the potential customer that because this product is priced very high, therefore, it must be an awesome watch.

So please clarify in your mind that you are comparing Invicta with the right brand to judge whether it is good or not. It is right that with higher price tags, they have better quality control departments but that does not mean they are producing something that can never break down. Rolexes and Omegas are repaired as well.

Imagine you are getting Seiko’s NH35 movement within the price tag of $150, that is only possible with Invicta. Other brands charge way higher for an NH35 Movement watch. So the truth about Invicta Watches is the company’s target audience. They are not targeting those who can afford a luxury brand but rather those who are on tight budget or is looking to buy a watch similar to a famous design or is just getting started with the watch collection hobby.

How long Invicta watch will last

If you take good care of the watch and wear it with rotation then you should expect the watch will last for more than 5 years. If you are working in a challenging environment like in a construction company then the impacts may damage the watch quicker and it may last for a few years only. Nevertheless, this rule applies for the most expensive watches out there as well. The more care you do for any watch the longer it will last.


Imagine you have 5 watches in front of you and they all have their brand tags removed from them. What is the most common way you are going to judge if the watch is good or not?

The most common thing to do is to check the weight. The heavier the watch is felt more people will think it must be good in quality. Similarly, if a watch has a very unique design then also its priced and quality is perceived higher. But have you considered that the Rolex’s watches have a quite basic design and they are not that heavier? So a Rolex within those 5 watches has quite a very high probability that it would be ruled out as an inferior one to an Invicta which would have a very fancy design and a heavier weight.

Another way you can judge the watches is the feel of the material. Often some stronger sturdy material with their rugged look can be perceived at a lower quality when in reality they are scratchless and can last for much longer time. So it can be tricky to judge a watch without having much information about the production process.

Is Invicta  A luxury Brand

Invicta is not a luxury watch but rather an entry level watch. They do offer some expensive watches but they are not meant for the luxury watches collectors but rather as intermediate watches.

Invicta brand ranking

Invicta among their other brands like TechnoMarine and S. Coifman are not the brands that would compete against likes of Atlantic, Aviator, however, Glycine is an Invicta entry-level luxury watch brand that comes in line with Eza, Gucci, Haliot, JetPilot etc. Are Invicta watches good in terms of ranking? Well they still have a long way to go.


Invicta outsources a lot of their manufacturing overseas to countries where worker wages are a lot lower. This helps in cost reduction and hence you can get a lot of Invicta watches variety under $100. In fact, Invicta has special watches at Amazon at exclusives discounts you will not find on the shops. Also being an entry-level watch brand and design inspired by higher brands, are some of more reasons why Invicta price tags are lower because they want to attract customers with their fancy design and low markups.

Are Invicta Watches Junk?

There are a lot of hobbyists who would call Invicta watch owners as an Invictums but you should consider the value for the money you get with an Invicta. With a price tag of under $150, you can get a decent watch or a nice reliable movement that you can not get in any other brand.

Also, other companies keep very high-profit margins and put high price tags that automatically makes a potential buyer think that the higher one has to better. In reality, both watches will only tell time and one may lose a second some microseconds earlier than the other but they both lose time.

So I would disagree from calling Invicta watches as junk but rather I would say that you are getting what you are paying for and it’s a good value for the money.

WRAP UP: Are Invicta Watches good

They are not bad for the money you are investing in them. You can get a good design that resembles a top brand with a nice reliable movement for a good investment. If you take good care of the watch and wear it with rotation then it will stick with you for years to come.

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