Dragon Stone – Why This Crystal Is Used For Healing And Meditation

Dragon stone is a rare crystal that is quickly gaining popularity in the mind and body community for its heart healing

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

Dragon stone

Dragon Stone is a rare and precious stone widely used in the spiritual and metaphysical community. This healing crystal is most associated with the heart chakra and is a powerful manifestation tool. Anyone on a journey of self-love and looking to step into their own personal power should consider working with Dragon Stone.


Yes, Dragon Stone is natural and formed by Mother Nature herself. This combination stone can be naturally formed in two different ways. The most frequent formation occurs when the Dragon Stone is formed inside metamorphic rock like granite or marble.

The rarest formation happens during a process called hydrothermal alteration, where the sedimentary and metamorphic rock has been transformed into igneous rock.

Dragon Stone, formed through hydrothermal alteration, is found in copper mines surrounded by natural hot springs. This stone is only found in one part of the world, Limpopo, South Africa. Since this stone is only found in one area of the world, it is classified as rare, and the distribution of the stone is limited.


Dragon Stone is often confused with Dragon Blood Jasper, an entirely different crystal. Dragon Stone is not a Jasper at all; it is, in fact, an Epidote with Piemontite throughout. Piemontite is also classified as an Epidote.

Epidote stones range in color from colorless to green-yellow. Epidote stones are made up of general chemical formulas that can include calcium, manganese, cerium, aluminum, iron, allanite, zoisite, and others in combination. Jasper, an entirely different stone, as mentioned before, is a micro-granular quartz.

Since piemontite is found throughout Dragons Stone, specifically in shades of red, this stone is known as a combination stone. This rare healing crystal is often found in shades of green and brown with distinct bits of red throughout. Like most crystals, this variety can be found in both tumbled and raw.

Tumbled stones, sometimes called polished stones, are small pieces of a larger natural rock or quartz that have gone through a sanding process in a rock tumbler that gives the stone a smooth and polished look and feel.

This gives the crystals a colorful, vibrant appearance that lots of people look for. Once the stones go through the sanding and tumbling process, they have a unique shape and smooth surface and can be used in jewelry, easily kept in pockets, and more.

Raw crystals are just that, raw and natural. Raw crystals are untreated and untouched, left in the same state that Mother Nature created them. Crystals in their raw form have different textures, come in different sizes, and vary in color vibrance.


Anyone who may be on a self-aware journey of self-empowerment and working on ascending to a higher version of self should consider working with Dragon Stone. This stone is well known for providing healing energy that allows people to step into their personal power and encourage them to be true to themselves. Additionally, this crystal works as one of the most powerful tools to aid in manifestation; whatever energy this crystal receives, it will put back out.

Dragon Stone unlocks and activates the heart chakra, hence why it is good to use during a journey of self and empowerment. This crystal can help heal the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical body. In addition to activating the heart chakra, Dragon Stone activates the root chakra, working as a great grounding stone.


Healing stones

Each owner of a Dragon Stone will find ways to use the crystal that feels right to them. It is important to remember that everyone’s journey looks different, and what works for one person may not work for another. It is also important to trust your instincts and not push your gut feeling aside when doing any kind of healing work and in life in general.

Before working with any crystal, including Dragon Stone, it’s important to energetically cleanse the crystal. This can be done in several ways, including but not limited to simply holding the crystal in your hands, speaking from the heart center that the stone is cleansed and all past energy is released.

Holding the crystal under running water, or using smoke, while also speaking from the heart center and using your personal power to cleanse the stone is another cleansing option. With that being said, let’s look at some ways that may prove useful while working with Dragon Stone.



Find a time that you can commit to daily, whether first thing when you wake, during a lunch break, or another time that you can come back to each day. Hold the Dragon Stone on the heart center with the hands stacked on top and deeply inhale and exhale while the eyes are closed.

Continue this while allowing the crystal’s energy to penetrate the aura and physical body. The energy will be grounding, loving, and passionate, invoking bravery and strength while providing a perception that will allow one to have an objective view of things.

This might be enough, or one might choose to add a mantra along with deep breathing and stillness. Any mantra spoken out loud from the heart will be amplified while working with Dragon Stone.

This is important to note because if the crystal receives feelings of sadness, or something else, that will also be amplified. Keep this in mind and be mindful of any feelings or emotions that arise when working with this powerful healing crystal.


Dragon Stone is known for increasing vitality and raising vibrations. While working with this crystal, expect to gain a more positive outlook and experience truth on a deeper level. Dragon Stone works to shine a light on one’s true self and will push individuals to be better in every way. This crystal really emphasizes the personal power that lies within us all.


Concerning the physical body, Dragon Stone works to provide overall support to regenerating physically. Additionally, Dragon Stone may also work to provide a boost to the immune system, strengthen the liver, and more.

Dragon Stone is a grounding stone that activates the root chakra, so it can help to settle the heart’s emotions. When working with the stone in this way, state your intention and perhaps your feelings. Let the stone know what you want from it. Something like, “I am feeling overwhelmed and sad. I ask that you assist me in feeling grounded and shift my perspective to focus on the valuable lessons.”


Many who have worked with Dragon Stone tell of its aid to help release feelings of self-pity and failure. Additionally, this crystal offers support in areas of patience and wisdom. Dragon Stone will also work to relieve stress.


When purchasing a Dragon Stone or any other healing crystal, ensure that the source is reputable and trustworthy. It is best to buy crystals and anything used in healing work in person to get the feel of its energy. However, that is not always an option.

Websites like sagegoddess.com and newmoonbeginnings.com offer a variety of metaphysical products that are genuine and high-quality. Customers can find crystals, both polished and raw, plus other things like candles, decor, incense, and more.

Dragon Stone Pendant – $66.99

A necklace close to your heart chakra is a great way to keep your Dragon Stone close to the heart center and get the most from its energy. This pendant from New Moon Beginnings is set in sterling silver and displayed in a beautiful oval shape.

Having this stone so close to the heart and on a necklace will allow the wearer to easily be reminded of intentions and to come back to their personal power throughout the day. 

Dragon Stone Sphere – $19.99

A stone that has been polished into the shape of a sphere is a great way to get energy radiating in all directions. Place this Dragon Sphere in the bedroom or central location in the house to experience a powerful yet subtle energy emission from this healing stone.

Most people in the spiritual community understand that the home is an extension of the people or persons living there. A sphere mindfully placed will increase the vibration of the house and all who live there.