Do These 7 Things To Improve Your Mental Health

To improve your mental health, practice strategies such as expressing gratitude, journaling your feelings, and forgoing spending time on social media for actual in-person socialization.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

mental health

It’s no secret. The last couple of years have been stressful, to say the least. But the good news is that there are some easy ways to restore and maintain better mental health.

Working on your mental health will impact every aspect of your life. Improved mental health helps to build clarity, reduce anxiety, improve confidence levels, and allow for healthier relationships. So, it makes sense that we should take time daily to approach mental health intentionally.

Thankfully, CNET pulled together a list of fantastic tips to do just that. Take a few moments to work on these daily, and you should see rapid improvements. And without further adieu, let’s dive in!

The first is to practice expressing gratitude. It sounds simple because it is. But this practice can make a world of difference in how you view your life.

If you are an internal processor, feel free to think of a daily list of things you are grateful for. However, many experts believe that writing helps to cement our thoughts. So consider keeping a gratitude journal where you can jot down what makes you thankful.

Speaking of journaling…this simple act is beyond powerful. “A 2018 study found that journaling for 15 minutes each day significantly reduced stress and feelings of anxiety. Other research has linked it to helping work through PTSD symptoms or depression,” according to CNET.

But how do you make time for all this journaling? One way is to limit your social media consumption. However, cutting back on social media does more than just free up your time.

“Constant social media use has been linked to worsened anxiety and depression symptoms, feelings of inadequacy and unhealthy sleeping habits.” Part of what causes this is the constant bombardment of what appears to be the perfect lives of others. It can quickly and easily result in a negative self-image.

So instead of spending your days lost in TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, try connecting with your friends in real life. Carving out space and time to meet up with family and friends will help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. But if you are too far away from your tribe, try connecting via Zoom so you get that face-to-face experience.

Another action you can take daily is to incorporate relaxation. Most of us work too hard and play too hard. Taking time to relax is vital for your mental health.

You can also seek out laughter and joy. Watch a funny show, dance like no one is watching, or sing out of tune. After all, laughter is the best medicine. 

But above all, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Rearrange your schedule to allow for extra time in bed. Sleep is a vital contributor to positive mental health.

Don’t forget to stay well-fed and hydrated while working on all the other components. Find food that makes you happy. And wash it all down with plenty of water!

And finally, time to layer in some exercise. Not only does movement help improve overall moods, but it can also help improve confidence levels. Plus, the good news is you can count your goofy, laughter-inducing dance as daily exercise.