The Crazy Way One Domino’s Worker Quit Her Job

A former Domino's worker quit using a post-it note after her manager kept scheduling her to work alone on weekends.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

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We’ve all been there – long hours and rough working conditions. Sometimes it gets bad enough that we finally get pushed to our limits and quit. But few people walk away from their jobs in the dramatic fashion a former Domino’s employee did – who posted news of how she left onto TikTok.

The woman used to work for an undisclosed Domino’s location. Occasionally, she would do stints as a delivery driver and post videos about them on her TikTok account. According to Entrepreneur, she’s been active on the site since around November 2021. 

Her name is Isabella, and the documentation of her recent workplace saga has garnered significant virtual support. Countless strangers have responded to all her posts offering encouraging words, cheers, and sharing their own stories. But how exactly did Isabella attract so much attention?

It started at the end of August when she decided enough was enough. Her manager had started scheduling her to work weekends alone. Rather than communicating with her manager at Domino’s via traditional routes, Isabella decided to leave a note on a Post-It.

domino's quiet quitting the great resignation

The note stated simply, “stop scheduling me on weekends by myself. I will quit.” That didn’t work. So, she left a second Post-It note. 

This time, she threatened to quit a little more forcefully. And that one didn’t work either. Isabella included a photo of the following schedule, which she claims was the 5th weekend in a row working solo.

At that point, she also decided to give notice that she was quitting via Post-It note. Granted, she did choose to walk away from Domino’s with the traditional two weeks, even if her method was rather unconventional. Her story went viral, reaching well over half a million viewers.

It jump-started a conversation amongst TikTok users about the state of the restaurant industry. Many bemoaned long hours, lack of respect, and problems around staffing. And, to be fair, they are not wrong.

The restaurant industry as a whole is historically a tough place to work. Pay is often low, benefits options are poor or non-existent, and customer service is difficult work. That was all before the pandemic hit.

After struggling to remain open through Covid, many restaurants are having a tough time in other areas. The staffing woes at Isabella’s former location echo throughout the industry. Fast food restaurants and higher-end sit-down places are regularly in the news for their trouble getting staff. 

Consumers are used to restaurants being open for extended hours every day. And to do so, they require a set number of staff. Without adequate staff to man the store, much less take care of daily tasks, current workers end up overworked.

So, many end up in the same place this Domino’s manager did. Not enough staff and too many hours to cover. Unfortunately, a solution may not arrive anytime soon.

Data from The National Restaurant Association show that roughly 81% of the nation’s establishments are having a rough time hiring. This statistic is terrible news for the employees, owners, and customers. If the staffing shortage continues, it could dramatically impact the state of the industry as a whole.