Prominent Dairy Farm Explodes Killing Unknown Number Of Cows, Will Milk Prices Skyrocket?

The Southfork Dairy Farm exploded, killing one person and countless cattle, in what officials are calling the most deadly farm fire involving cattle that has ever happened in Texas, and as a result, local milk prices are expected to increase.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

dairy farm; milk prices

In North Texas, an explosion from an unknown source happened on a large dairy farm this week. This explosion injured at least one person and killed a high number of cattle. Will this increase milk prices in the local region?

Local law enforcement received emergency calls about the explosion at the Southfork Dairy Farm farm in the early evening. The farm is located in Dimmitt, which is eighty miles northwest of the vibrant town of Lubbock, Texas.

The call detailed that some of its employees were trapped inside one of the farm’s operational buildings. When local law enforcement arrived on the scene, they quickly realised that only one of the farm’s employees was trapped inside the building, and all the other employees were safe and secured away from the explosion and subsequent debris. 

The Southfork Dairy Farm employee was deemed critically injured and swiftly rescued and airlifted to the local hospital for medical treatment. 

From the explosion, a significant fire and smoke bellowed from the farm for some time. This smoke and pollution made their way into the area where the dairy farmers kept their cattle before they brought them in for milking. The high amount of smoke within the area resulted in an increased number of cattle deaths, with very few surviving the effects of the explosion. It is estimated that 18,000 cattle may have been affected. 

The loss of their cattle and the repairs to its farm will be devastating to the owners of Southfork Dairy Farm, as their livelihood is in great jeopardy during a time when profits are down due to high levels of inflation and a looming recession. This could cause a milk price increase or shortage in the coming weeks.

Once everyone was deemed safe, firefights and law enforcement worked tirelessly for hours to get the flames under control and eventually put on the remnants of the explosion. 

The reason for the surprising explosion has not yet been determined. Still, a full investigation will be ongoing into what caused severe injuries to the Southfork Dairy Farm employee and killed a significant portion of their cattle. There is speculation that the machinery at the dairy farm may have started the explosion due to a methane gas build-up. 

It is the most deadly farm fire involving cattle that has ever happened in Texas, coined by the Animal Welfare Institute. It just shows that even with farming becoming more and more machine orientated, there are still areas that need to be monitored and regulated to ensure incidents like this never occur again. 

The safety of the animals and employees on a farm is the number one priority. Hopefully, regulators in Texas will use this incident as an anecdote on what not to do and learn that rules and regulations surrounding machinery need to be tightened. With food prices increasing daily, no-one wants milk prices to become more expensive.

In this unstable economy, no one needs to lose their livelihood through faulty machinery or unsafe practices. It is hard enough to make ends meet at the moment without your business literally exploding. Hopefully, the injured employee will make a full recovery, and Southfork Dairy Farm can be up and operational quickly without a substantial loss or a milk price increase.