Cruise Ships Are Becoming People’s Permanent Residences

Life At Sea Cruises has begun offering a three-year-long cruise aboard its MV Gemini starting at $30,000 per year.

By Tori Hook | Published

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Have you ever dreamed of living at sea, but need more creature comforts than a working vessel would provide? That dream can now become a reality on the Life at Sea cruise ship MV Gemini, which will set off on a three-year voyage on November 1. And for around $30,000 a year per person, the price of traveling the world on a cruise ship is cheaper than the price of rent, utilities, and food for many people.

According to CNN Travel, the cruise ship will visit 375 ports over the course of the journey, allowing guests to visit 135 countries and all seven continents. Aside from stopping at over a hundred tropical island paradises to get your beach fix, you’ll also see once-in-a-lifetime sights from the Great Wall of China to the pyramids, the Taj Mahal to Machu Picchu. In many ports, the cruise ship will stay overnight, giving ship residents time to walk on land, sample some local cuisine, and experience life around the world.

Life at Sea Cruises ship, the MV Gemini, will be specially outfitted to suit passengers on the years-long journey and will include, in addition to the usual cruise ship amenities, state-of-the-art remote work facilities, complete with meeting rooms, offices, a library, and a coffee lounge. The cruise ship will also feature an always-open hospital and medical center with free visits, a significant price reduction from the healthcare costs in the U.S. To fill your time after work, the ship will be outfitted with a sundeck, swimming pool, wellness center, entertainment auditorium, and various dining options, with events for singles and couples alike.

Cabins start at $29,999 per person, per year, for the 130-square-foot “Virtual Inside” staterooms all the way up to the 260-square-foot Balcony Suites at $109,999 per person. The catch is that passengers have to commit to all three years, though the cruise ship company is reportedly working on an option to allow passengers to “share” a cabin with someone else, like a time share at sea. If you’re traveling alone, the yearly cost will be more since you’ll be solo-occupying a double-occupancy room, but the company is offering a 15% discount off the double price for single travelers.

The cruise ship will take off on November 1, 2023, making good enough time for passengers to spend Christmas in Brazil and the New Year in Argentina. The ship will then travel around South America, with a stop in Antarctica, hop around the Caribbean and Central America, and then make its way up the West Coast of the United States with a stop in Hawaii. Over the next few years, passengers will visit various countries in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the coast of Africa, the Mediterranean, and Northern Europe.

With free high-speed Wi-Fi, passes for friends and family to come on board and visit, meals and dinner drinks, laundry, and housekeeping all included, this three-year cruise ship stay is the adventurous remote worker’s dream come true. Bookings are now open, so don’t wait to grab your ticket if you want to set off on the voyage of a lifetime. Get your passport and get to Istanbul by November 1 to set sail around the world!