Wendy’s Employee Shot In The Head For Ridiculous Reason

By Whitney White | 4 months ago

wendy's shooting

After getting shot in the head at a Wendy’s drive-thru over a disagreement over barbeque sauce, a teenager is in intensive condition. Thankfully, that adolescent appears to be on the mend and recovering from the tragedy. According to FOX 10 in Phoenix, the victim is Brian Durham Jr., 16. He was transported to the hospital on Jan. 13 after a fight in which he was reportedly not involved in escalated into gunfire.

According to Sgt. Vincent Cole with the Phoenix Police Department, “The customer reportedly walked up to the drive-thru window, pulled out a handgun, and fired into the drive-thru window hitting the victim working inside the store.” After the shooting, the shooter fled, but authorities were able to catch him. According to FOX 10 in Phoenix, the shooter is identified as Theotis Polk, 27.

Durham Jr.’s father, Brian Durham Sr., also gave confirmation that the incident began when a client complained about the restaurant not having any barbecue sauce. “My son just stayed quiet and had the guy’s change in his hand,” Durham Sr. told the news outlet. “[He] just stayed quiet while the other two were in confrontation.” Fortunately and according to FOX 10, the bullet missed Brian’s brain, reducing the possibility of long-term harm.  

To help fund the medical costs, the family has set up a GoFundMe page, which is a for-profit crowdfunding platform that helps people collect money for various events and occasions. Some of the most common reasons people start GoFundMe pages are to collect money for birthdays and graduations and to help cover the cost of medical expenses incurred during life-changing events, such as vehicular accidents or chronic illness. Unfortunately in Brian Durham Jr.’s case, the reasons stem from an unwarranted Wendy’s shooting.

Those wanting to make a contribution to a campaign that was sparked by the Wendy’s shooting can take comfort in knowing the platform works with law enforcement and gives them any information they need to conduct an investigation relating to fraudulence. The workers and policies at GoFundMe are focused on enabling people to help others. The vast majority of GoFundMe projects are safe and legitimate, with fraudulent initiatives accounting for less than 1/10 of 1% of all campaigns. 

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If someone does launch a campaign with the goal of taking advantage of other people’s kindness, GoFundMe takes immediate action to remedy the situation. The company’s policy is straightforward and carefully enforced. Any instances of lying or intentionally deceiving contributors on GoFundMe for financial or personal advantage are strictly prohibited.

Violence and crime involving some of America’s most famous restaurant franchises are becoming more commonplace, and it’s not only Wendy’s shootings that are occuring. One such incident occurred this past week in St. Louis County, Missouri. When it took place, a lady, Terika Clay, 30, was in an argument with a McDonald’s employee over a dispute involving a discount on an order of french fries.

The actual shooting didn’t take place until after the employee took a break. It was then that the disagreement continued. According to KMOV, Clay allegedly punched the employee in the head with a gun before shooting. According to police, the encounter was captured on film on Wednesday. Clay has been charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal activity, with a $150,000 bond issued.

In Memphis, police are still on the hunt for the person who gunned down a Wendy’s employee, Mr. Edwards, back in December. However, the man they believe is responsible for the Wendy’s shooting that caused Edwards’ death has been identified. He allegedly waited until Edwards walked outside the business before shooting him and driving away.

With the assailant still on the loose, Edwards’ coworkers are hoping to avoid becoming victims of crime during a time when Memphis continues to see a high number of homicides. “I’m very concerned. After seeing that, it’s like, is my life in danger? Can I be the next one? Is today my last day working here? That’s how I been after the little tragic incident that happened,” said Wyke, a co-worker of the Memphis victim.