Target Issues Urgent Recall For Dangerous Product

By Joseph Farago | 2 weeks ago

target recall

A Santa-inspired mailbox is causing concern for Target shoppers. With the words “letter to Santa” on the front, this small mailbox sold more than 170,000 this holiday season. The recall was put into effect after accounts of injury poured in from customers nationwide. The items are currently unavailable in all locations and are no longer purchasable on Target’s online store.

The primary issue is attributed to the mailbox’s faulty mail slot. After nine incidents reported of laceration, three of which needed medical attention, Target recalled the product. The reason for the box’s faultiness is unclear, but the store has advised customers to stop using it immediately.

A return policy is available for these inconspicuously dangerous mailboxes. The policy is acceptable at any store, and in return, buyers can expect a Target gift card. If returning the product in person is not feasible, the megachain stated that prepaid labels could also be administered.

If you are one who purchased the mailbox this Christmas, it might be tempting to give it a DIY fix. However, Target advises that customers return or get rid of these holiday gifts and that the defective product is not safe for someone to attempt to fix. Fortunately, these mailboxes only sell for $5, so purchasing a different letter container won’t break the bank.

News that mailboxes subject to the Target recall were a cause for concern arose back at the beginning of December. CPCS, the national Consumer Product Safety Commission, issued its statement about the Santa mailboxes after becoming aware of some early reports. The official report documented the primary injury spot as the mail slot on top of the product. The unusually sharp entry point for the letters is the source of the recent recalls, and the CPCS advises to return or dispose of these products immediately.


Target’s questionable mailboxes have two unit numbers to look out for. The unit numbers include 234-17-8556 for the Letters to Santa mailbox in red or white, and 234-17-8556 sold as a two-pack. The number is located on the packaging of the two-pack mailbox and directly on the bottom of the single unit box.

For an innocuous, 10-inch-tall holiday decoration, the possibility of injury is surprisingly evident. Keep these mailboxes away from small children, and make sure to return the product to receive a refund. For other questions about Target’s recall and obtaining prepaid labels, customers can call 1-800-440-0680. If you purchased the product online or have general questions about the online store, you should call 1-800-591-3869.

The latest massive Target recall isn’t the first time the retail giant has had this issue. Last year, Target was under fire for a choking hazard surrounding baby onesies. As a result, Target issued hoards of refunds to 299,000 consumers who purchased the Cloud Island romper for infants. The cause for concern was located on the bottom of the romper, with the snaps lining the legs. These snaps came undone and broke too easily, leading to the potential for babies to choke or inadvertently pinch themselves.

Cloud Island had several rompers recalled at Target stores around the country. Rompers were sold for infants of all ages, spanning one month to two years. Every color of romper had problems with missing snaps, which pushed Target to remove the products from stores in late 2020.